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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Justice League Dark #24! As the conclusion to ‘The Parliament of Life’, Justice League Dark #23 brought closure to a problem that was long past due for a solution. You have to appreciate a book like this which consistently delivers on decisive endings to the stories told. While also still making sure that there is both a natural and linear progression to everything that has been set in motion since the first story arc.

Much of this first part was setting the course for this new chapter in their lives. This is the first time that the team is able to move forward without any loose ends. There wasn’t Swamp Thing to save, and there wasn’t Cercei out there manipulating their actions. This was them after the fact and in more of a position to figure out what comes next for them. For Wonder Woman, this was a great time to take a step back and explore her experience as leader of this team. It’s actually refreshing change of pace from what we are normally used to from this book. Normally you would either have Zatanna in charge, or Constantine whenever he is the only one left to turn to. Having Wonder Woman take over has worked so far because she takes the role seriously. She understands the function of the team, and understands the weight of responsibility that comes with seeing their mission through without casualties. While casualties have not been the case, this team is not without piece to pick up from their recent encounters.

Plenty of room was given thorughout this issue to establish where everyone is at in terms of picking up those pieces. For instance, it made sense that this issue would be the one where Zatanna finally takes that daring step forward to begin looking for her father. The guy who had a plan for everything unraveling right now, but at the cost of suffering years of torment at the hands of the Upside Down Man. It wasn’t hard to see that she might be desperate to bring him back home at any cost. The lead into this trip to the Other Place, and what Zatanna had to do to make it happen was worth the wait too.

Which brings us to the role which Bobo played in this issue. He was definitely out there trying to figure out where he fits in all of this, but I suppose you could say he answered his own question through his actions. It was an endearing series of travels we took with him, and it is appreciated when they are able to find that one character who holds the heart of the story. You would never expect that kind of person to be Bobo, but nonetheless you appreciate that this is what growth looks like for those like him. That said, you might also look forward to the growth of Khalil too, because there is no telling what kind of future he has in store for him being host to the power of Nabu.

For this new arc I also enjoyed the way they went about addressing the matters of Swamp Thing. After they saved him, I did fear that he would soon be forgotten as he went back to doing his own thing. While this is somewhat still the case, bringing back The Green the way they did changed a lot about the balance between the Parliaments. I don’t know when they will plan to go deeper into this new development, but at the start here was the best time to say his story is not over yet.

With this new arc, we also came to expect a new art team. One which did not disappoint either. I was actually impressed by the quality of work which Amancay Nahuelpan and June Chung brought to the table, which is nothing surprising for a book such as Justice League Dark. If there is one thing JLD has going for it, it is always providing appealing visuals for the interior work. The pencil work was smooth, and played a big part in what was so commendable about Nahuelpan’s attention to detail and proper character anatomy. This especially stood out in panels and scenes where the art either jumped out at you, or grabbed your attention through an excellent use of perspective. Overall, I was captivated by the level of detail that goes into each scene. It takes some patience to really go in for the number of settings we are also taken through. As for the colors by Chung, also phenomenal work for the colors which were fitting to the kind of atmosphere you expect from JLD. When you have seen this guy’s cover work? It is no big surprise that you would get the same quality of work and style brought to the interiors. That pale overlay in particular, that really brought it all together.

Justice League Dark #24 marks the start of something new for this team. With time after time being the target of forces which wanted to step on their mission to preserve the balance of magic, it is about time that this team found the strength to take the fight to their greatest enemy. Though only time will tell what it is actually going to take to overcome the kind of power they are dealing with.

Justice League Dark #24




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