Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “The Last Supper” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “The Last Supper”! As I said last week, it’s good to have Food Wars! back. So far I’m loving this fifth season because they have wasted little time setting up the next big thing for this academy, and for the cooking world as a whole. Noir is ready for the world to see them in action, and they have also pulled no punches to make it known what they hope to get out of winning the BLUE. I for one want to see how these chefs continue to improve as the clock counts down.

That said, I was surprised that as this episode began, there wasn’t much intention this time around to go into the set-up to the BLUE. This was something they were ready to just jump right into. Which did work for me, because even for what we saw in the preliminaries, that of course couldn’t have been everything we had to see from the training that was done before.

Before things kicked off, they were also quick to establish that there was nothing about this competition which would be as straightforward as what you may have had in your head. From the minute they decided to add Noir to the lists of competitors, it only made sense that there was going to be more going on here to shake things up. This all started with the first phase of the competition. It was an odd one, but I also enjoyed it for the way it tested the chefs. You would think that it was odd for a former Noir member to be the judge, but quickly the reason hits you when thinking of cooking from a wider perspective. What you make for someone is never going to be that simple. You can’t just know some personal details and instantly figure out what to make for this person. It matters knowing something as easy as what any person would want to eat if it was their last meal. For that, you never play it safe, and it was fun to see who understood that.

Speaking of things not being too straightforward, there was also an interesting twist to Erina Nakiri’s participation in the BLUE. Another development that was hard to argue with because she is on a different level from most other chefs. It only felt right that she would be off doing her own thing, despite the fact that this is nothing new that has been done with the character in the past. This time around, she at least has a better understanding of the kind of chef she wants to be, and the kind of food she wants to make that is hers.

With that said, I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t allow us to see how Megumi and Takumi Aldini in the first round. We kind of just skipped to the end of theirs to see the result of them winning. For now I won’t hold it as much of a negative, if only for the fact that they are making it known that it will take a real challenge to keep any one of the two from proceeding. Next week’s episode should be interesting for how we see everyone tested with the difficulty raised.

That aside, what sticks with you more than anything else is the reveal of the members from Noir participating. From appearances, to the style of cooking for a couple of them, they lived up to the vibe they gave you as cooks outside of the norm.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “The Last Supper” was a pleasant surprise for the pacing they picked up with the BLUE already underway. This first challenge was outrageous, but it was also fitting when you think about the kind of scenarios where cooks should be ready to prepare stuff that isn’t so gourmet.

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