Fire Force “Groping Through the Fire” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “Groping Through the Fire”! The new pillar has been found, and who would have thought that this would lead to a confrontation between Company 8 and the White Clad right in the streets? They got the ball rolling fast for the new goal line set, and it begins with the White Clad and Evangelist making bolder moves to achieve their goals. And who could fault them? They are packing some serious heat in their ranks!

I was caught off guard this week. There was so much happening in this one episode, and I’m surprised that they were able to get around to all of it. One would have assumed that Shinra, Charon, and Inca would have been their main focus, but then that would have denied everyone else of the roles they have to play in this fight. So for most of this episode they took us all around the town as no one was left without something to do. Personally, I did not think that the White Clad were going to be willing to do so much outside of grabbing Inca, but here they were creating infernals left and right. The good thing was that this wasn’t without reason either.

Which brings me to a problem that was hard to ignore. That problem being the necessity of having a prayer before putting these people to rest. I get the importance in the grand scheme of things, but there should always be a point where there is consideration for what more can be done if they aren’t waiting to have a sister next to them. I someone dying because they can’t put an Infernal to rest really justifiable? Part of me does not think so, and it might be time to better address this down the road. It can be distracting having to ask those questions in the middle of things.

That said, the best takeaway from this episode was seeing some positive developments unfold. Before this episode aired, this part of the story was already being hyped up through promotional images depicting everyone major who would be involved. It was exciting that despite the lack of support from the other Companies, this did not ignore many of the bridges built between Company 8 and some of the others. And it was one thing to see those major players step up, and another thing to see the kind of help that they were bringing with them. That is how you reward characters like these for their efforts.

Now about that battle between Shinra and Charon. This right here was worth the wait for the stunning animation choreography that went into this. There’s no better way to give us a memorable fight with Shinra, than to pair him with someone who can match him physically. I was thrilled to see what happened when someone as fast as Shinra goes up against someone who you could pretty much call an unmovable object. He tested Shinra in a new way that I hope pays off next week. Till this point we have seen what happens when Shinra pushes his limits in terms of speed. However, now would be a great time for him to see what happens when there is less restraint on the amount of fire he puts out.

In the midst of that battle, it was hard to deny the chilling atmosphere which surrounded this fifth pillar. We’ve seen crazy, but Inca is a special kind of it. After everything she has gone through so far, she still somehow finds the determination to side with only herself, and with the rush of chaos. The visual to her power is still amazing, but the power itself is terrifying for the unpredictability. It really makes you wonder if someone like this can be saved.

My only other disappointment was that even with an episode like this, they could not manage to avoid doing Tamaki dirty. I get that there are some out there who find it funny. Maybe it was at first, but it’s gotten old at this point. She’s either going to do something or not, but they are wasting our time with a character who they are just going to undress at the wrong time.

Overall, this was just madness. There was some darkness for these fire soldiers to overcome, but the light at the end of the tunnel was worth the wait. If this is what it looks like just fighting for one of the last four pillars? It makes you wonder what chance these fire soldiers will have if the Evangelist isn’t taken seriously enough.

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