Digimon Adventure “That Children’s Attack on the Fortress” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “That Children’s Attack on the Fortress”! This was not the title I was prepared to read at episode 8, but I was excited because they are not trying to drag things out right here. They have their mission, they know what is at stake, which means there is nothing which should stand between them and getting from point A to point B. Considering what we saw from the episode preview, I was anxious to see what happens when these kids get to their next destination. Would they begin to falter, or would this turn into another shining moment?

The answer to that was satisfying when from start to finish the action was nonstop. They kicked things off with the DigiDestined just arriving at their next destination, only to quickly find that there was a welcome party waiting for them. This was an excellent change of pace from the episodes previous where the enemy was waiting to make their move. In other words, this time around the enemy made sure that they were making the first move. One which off the bat set the tone for everything else which would follow. There was no better time than now for them to get the message that there are forces working against them, and they were not going to keep taking loses the way they have been. That said, I was impressed with the kind of offensive the enemy put together. If there was one thing I never respected about the way they were written before, it was the lack of effort that seemed to go into their plans. This force they set up at the fortress was put together with some idea as to the kind of firepower it would take to give these kids a run for their money.

Which brings us to the DigiDestined, and how they handled themselves in this situation. That was the part which grabs your attention most. Mainly for the fact that they really could have spent most of this episode on the run and panicking. Though where would the fun be in that? In each episode, every one of these kids found a way to step up to the plate and accept the power they had now been granted. This was a first real test which challenged their fortitude. Some of their reactions to the assault were predictable, though for the rest surprising for how they rose to the occasion.

That said, the one who stood out more than the rest had to be Yamato. This of course was his proper introduction to the party. If there was anyone who worried me, it was the way that they would approach the role he plays in this. As some of us know, Yamato is the loner. He’s the one who thinks he can do it all, and do it best by himself. Though that’s not what we really want to see from him in this reboot. Certainly not as a reoccurring theme. Like Mimi and Joe, this was the time to show that they weren’t going to be written into a box. They nailed the pacing they took towards breaking him out of that mindset.

Now I know there might be some who will say that we need to work more towards a bond being created between the DigiDestined, but surely enough we all remember the same series this was rebooted from? That show really knew how to make us wait for some of these characters to grow out of their weaker characteristics. Audiences these days don’t have time for that. Especially when the characters are as young as these characters are. There was nothing lost from jumping into the thrill that comes with playing heroes. Even Mimi and Joe who once would have been the most reluctant to stick their necks out for anyone else, were ready and willing to spring into action. This gives us a lot more to look forward to from this party moving forward. Beyond the drama which would have some of them at each other’s necks during unnecessary times.

At the end of the day, I think there is nothing but benefits from giving us a taste of what they can accomplish when they have an actual dynamic working for them. Even if they are at some point soon separated, at least we know that there is reason to bring them back together, knowing that there is an importance to them working together.

All in all, Digimon Adventure “That Children’s Attack on the Fortress” brought us the recruitment of Yamato to the team. This version of him so far is a major improvement over the walking cliche he once was. I only hope that they allow this to stick moving forward, because this is the kind of energy that should keep us coming back for more from these characters. This party knows what they have to do, and nothing got in the way of them getting the job done this week. As I said before, these DigiDestined are at their best when they are all on the same side, and teamwork matters with a show like this. Anything else is just not genuine progression.

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