The God of High School “marriage/bonds” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “marriage/bonds”! This was an episode that made me want to watch it twice. The God of High School “wisdom/kingdom” gave us something to love from all three of our main characters. A good time to soak in everything straightforward, before they blow the roof off of this tournament.

Now after an episode like what we got last week, I know that there are some viewers who will be surprised that what follows revolves around the story of Mira. Not only this, but this thing where someone at a time like this would really try to take her hand in marriage. Though, there is never a wrong time to dive into some character development. For everything that we knew about Mira already, it always felt like there was a deeper story to tell. This was a great time for that considering how the numbers have been cut down to four for the preliminaries. As someone who is strictly watching the anime, I don’t l know what is going  to happen after the preliminaries, but I do know that it doesn’t hurt to get to know as many of these characters before they decide to blow the lid off of this story and plot.

For this episode, they wasted little time jumping right into what created this situation for Mira. It was definitely a shocker that she would say yes, because marriage never seemed like the kind of thing she would be into as a fighter. Especially not now when she was still part of the tournament. It was a heartbreaking lead up to the wedding because while this seemed like everything Mira wanted on the surface? There was no denying what she was giving up in the process. Particularly when it became clear what both parties were looking to get out of this arrangement. This whole storyline was put together brilliantly since this was them giving more weight to Mira’s potential. Something which she needed to fight to understand for herself.

Which brings us to everyone who helped her see past this sacrifice she was going to make for the sake of spreading the appeal of the moonlight sword to the rest of the world. It was a touching moment for Miro in particular, because on the surface it was easy to cast him off as being annoying since he didn’t want to miss the chance at fighting her. While that did motivate him, it went a long way to see that he is someone who pays attention to the people he calls friends. To notice when a decision is made out of character is a strong quality to have in a friend. To go to the lengths he and Han did to help Mira see this was worth the struggle in watching Mira give everything up.

The fight which of course was going to break out was satisfying. Nothing too over the top, but they did not let go of the opportunity to show how formidable Mira can really be. Even without her sword in hand.

While it was a small bit, they also found room to explore the frustrations of Han. Obviously he is participating in the tournament for someone else, though now was the time to really give him his reason to win. For every day and week which goes by, there is a ticking clock hanging above his head. One which at any point was going to lead him to a breaking point under the stress.

As for the match that Mira and Han were supposed to have? That I was not prepared for. I think most of us anime watchers were probably looking forward to another big match, but what we got instead? Simply gutwrenching. While I was a bit disappointed, I suppose this was a great way to shake things up leading to the end. This wouldn’t be as thrilling as it could be if they were just going to be fighting for their usual reasons. This episode gave those like Miro a stronger sense of motivation for what he is going to have to put into his next two matches.

The God of High School “marriage/bonds” was a roller coaster of emotions. If you anticipated this episode for the action, you will walk away a bit more fulfilled for the depth that we got from these characters who all have something at stake in participating in this tournament.

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