Black Clover “A Black Deep-Sea Story” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 136, “A Black Deep-Sea Story”! I know I didn’t have a review for Black Clover last week, but it really didn’t feel like there was much to say about it. It was the first episode which really felt like filler and didn’t offer enough in the way of important content. Not a bad thing, but nothing to talk about either. So with that said, this week there was the hope that we would get back on track. No big expectations, but certainly the craving for more of the growth we want to see from these magic knights.

Growth we certainly got too. The minute we saw that this episode was taking us back to the Seabed Temple, it was easy to see that this episode was meant for Noelle. After some of the other anime I have been watching this year, Black Clover tops at one of my favorites for how they treat the female characters. Sometimes it’s that easy to get stuck with one which uses them as walking cliches and damsels. However, that is not Black Clover, because Noelle has been anything but a damsel. Not for the kind of development she consistently goes through. I was thrilled that with this week’s episode, she of all people was the one with the most drive towards getting stronger and mastering her spells.

The volcanic mountain was good for the challenge it gave someone like her whose element is water, but that was really only good for strengthening her fortitude in situations outside of her element. What we needed to see was what would happen when she was actually in her element. Not only that, but able to genuinely communicate with the kind of power that allows her to push past her limits.

Through helping the Seabed Temple, she experienced these changes from the very start when not everyone is able to even make that trip to the temple. Not everyone was even able to make the trip to the Guardian, but there Noelle was challenging herself to push to depths no outsider should be capable without some serious power backing them. The best thing was definitely what came of their encounter with the Guardian and its protectors. That was where we really saw something new. It wasn’t that much of a difference in terms of something new, but it was without a doubt an upgrade that you didn’t think possible for Noelle at what was her level of mana control beforehand.

Now as for Kahono and Kiato, I welcomed this reunion with them too. If there’s one thing to appreciate about Black Clover, it is that this is a small world. For as big as this world is, and for even how big these kingdoms are, they do not leave characters behind. It was good to see these two again, and witness how much they have grown since the last time we saw them. That growth started with just the idea that they could be in trouble and reach out to the Black Bulls for aid. After that, it was seeing how strong they had become to take more confidence in their abilities. Especially when the situation calls for them to have to calm what seemed like an enraged Guardian.

The best takeaway from this episode was certainly Noelle also seeing that there is ways to go in order to reach the mastery her mother had. Though the most important things was Noelle at the same time understanding that she had her own path to follow in order to get there. This is where they continue to make this story her own, and I hope they keep that consistent down the road.

All in all, another satisfying episode of Black Clover for Noelle of the Black Bulls. “A Black Deep-Sea Story” took us back to familiar territory and beyond, but never forgot the importance of growth that we should be seeing every week from these magic knights.

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