REVIEW: Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown

***Minor Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown! Man have I been waiting for this one right here. If we didn’t have a second season yet, this was the next best thing. Now I know that this would actually be called a “special episode”, but I would rather call it what it is (a movie) when the runtime is more than double the average episode. With that said, I’m glad that there was this airing of it to look forward to, because I was losing my mind that this was something already seen by those overseas MONTHS ago.

What surprised me about the start to this was how much time they spent on summarizing the events of the first season. There might be some out there who will wonder why they use that amount of time on a recap, but the reality is that it has been forever since the first season. Unless you decided to re-watch it yourself, or have that good of a memory to remember what happened, the chances are good that you probably needed that refresher like the rest of us.

Which brings us to how this new quest kicked off for the Goblin Slayer and company. This was an interesting start because normally we don’t get that much insight into what is about to unfold off the bat. They were quick to jump right into what this quest was going to be about. As in who they needed to save, and how this person got into the situation they did. The gist of it was that they received a request to ind a party of adventurers, as well as to investigate the unnatural goblin activity in the region. Taking a step further to actually show us what happened to them didn’t hurt either. It was heartbreaking to have another image burned into our brains of what happens when goblins are underestimated.

The survivor of that group who they saved was an interesting character for what she represented. It’s not too often that we run into people who survive their encounters, so this was a good way to shake things up considering we had this chance to see what goes through the mind of someone who is able to share in that same drive to kill goblins for what was done to them. At the same time we were able to see what it is like for someone who is able to be saved before that trauma could consume them.

When it came to the Goblin Slayer himself, they did a wonderful job of showing just how much he has grown as a person over the course of a season. Everything about the way he interacted with friends, and even strangers, made a statement that behind that cold-steel exterior, there was someone on the inside who knew that slaying goblins is just another way of caring for others. There was not once in this story where he was not the man with a plan either. I was impressed with how much he is able to take into account. Things you yourself wouldn’t have considered till he was ready to make his intentions known. There was something to say as well about the opportunity they took to emphasize that he is proficient with a wide variety of weapons aside from that short sword of his.

As for the rest of the party, I’m still grateful that they still act as a party. There’s something to say about their dynamic for how their skills and abilities compliment each other. Not only that, but for how everything they do is with the intent of making sure that they all get out of their battles in one piece.

There will be some who say that all of this happened too fast, or that the action was rushed, but I would say that this was handled with just the right sense of pacing. The most important thing for this party has always been setting up a plan, and then executing it. Not everything is going to go according to plan, but this is not the kind of story where you expect anything to drag out longer than need be. It doesn’t work for a party that is supposed to be experienced in taking on these kinds of threats. So with that said, I found the action scenes to be phenomenal. The choreography as usual was fantastic, as well as the animation from White Fox studio. For a story like this you would expect that they also would go crazy with the bloodshed and other things of graphic nature, though I’m glad that there was some restraint.

The best takeaway from this movie was understanding what this unnatural activity was. It was nothing too special, but it was nothing to overlook either. They pretty much took the same thing which had been stressed by the Goblin Slayer since day one, and raised the importance of such fears he expressed about the goblins. That fear was of the evolution goblins go through. For every encounter they have which doesn’t end in their immediate slaughter, they are finding new ways to adapt and grow. They are already a handful as is, but when you mix magic, holy power, and advanced weaponry? That is a combination for something awful.

So with that said, was Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth the wait. I would say it sure was! It was a nice reminder as to everything we have been missing as we await for more.

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