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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Cable #2! Now I know there are some X-fans out there who struggle with this drastic change to Cable’s story, but I feel like this is a change you have to try being open-minded to. Cable is a character who only really appeals to what you find nostalgic about the X-Men. This right here? So far I would say young Cable has been a breath of fresh air. He has all the skill of the Cable you know, but with the perks of having a real personality to match. Not to mention some youthful vigor to back his actions.

That said, this pandemic couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time for this book. Only had that one issue before leaving us to wait months for what comes next. Fortunately, here we are, and with a new mission as well for Cable. So as I was saying about that youthful energy from Cable, I was entertained seeing that right as this story kicked off. One of the big things about this book is wondering what kind of work there is to do for this Cable. It wasn’t enough that he could still do the same thing he always did, or took the occasional X-Men mission or two. He needed something that was more his own. This was it, and the approach towards it was brilliant. The last thing you would ever expect from Cable is to do anything by the books like this. Yet there he was trying to inject himself into an investigation that you knew they wouldn’t allow him near for being just a civilian.

Though what caught me off guard was how the discovery of this sword would play into the direction this story takes in the middle of the investigation. Part of me does hope they are ready to take us somewhere interesting with this, because for this being the second issue, now is as good a time as any to make sure that there is long-term investment for the story itself.

Now I was also surprised that they weren’t joking about this relationship he had with all five Stepford Cuckoos. It’s a bold world isn’t it? Though with that said, I found this development to be charming for the effort that we see he puts into this relationship, versus what is actually going on with the sisters as a whole. This is another thing refreshing about the series because it has been some time since we have even seen these sisters this close to each other. It’s a nice change of pace.

While it was something small discussed, I loved that there was that one page to give us further insight into the decision that can go into moving to Krakoa. This is a huge decision for anyone who has already established a life outside of the mutant sanctuary. Everyone has a reason for either going or staying where they are. It was nice how they offered a perspective into a relationship where one is depowered, and one is a mutant with an altered appearance. Some might overlook this, but this right here is what makes the Dawn of X so important. The little things which indulge us in what a world looks like where the mutants are ambitious enough to create their own sovereignty.

Once more I found myself satisfied with the choice in having Phil Noto as the artist for this book. While Noto is a phenomenal artist, still there was always the wonder as to what appeal he was going to bring to this book visually. Right now I would say that he has done a great job of matching the energy we wanted to see from this Cable. It wasn’t enough to just know that this isn’t the same grumpy old man. We need to see a kid who was more of the opposite. We to see that from every flip of the page because the one thing you never see from Cable is a guy who is personable or able to express affection for another person. The same effort was put into the expressiveness of the sisters too. Something you aren’t too used to seeing, but welcome when it is possible to see them that happy. Speaking of the Cuckoos, one thing I really loved as well was the way he drew the Cuckoos in diamond form. A stunning use of cold colors to give Esme a convincing look.

Overall, a solid issue of Cable for issue #2. While I may be for this younger Cable, I do think that they need to do a bit more with the story in the next issue to assure us that this book is worth our investment for more than the first arc.

Cable #2




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