Review: Nailbiter: Returns #3

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Nailbiter: Returns #3! We were only two issues in before Finch and Alice found themselves swept up in the madness again. Gotta love that kind of pacing and momentum for a book like this. And it didn’t hurt that they also found room to let us know how Warren ended up in Finch’s basement. Not only that, but what his day to day was like in that prison.

With that said, the big thing was picking up where the previous issue left us. I thought it was an awesome twist that the couple you thought were being slaughtered, were actually butchers themselves. It really made you question what their intentions were. Did they really know where Crane was being kept? Would they actually give us that kind of reveal this early? And what lengths would Alice really go to save her mother? These were things I couldn’t help asking myself before I flipped open to that first page, and I wasn’t disappointed with what we got out of this issue.

First off, Alice has grown up to become quite the little badass, in my opinion. It takes some guts for someone like her to stare into the face of two who could be her potential killers, and do exactly as they said. She hit the road, she kept Finch from getting in their way, and she did exactly what kept her alive. Though of course, this would not be so chilling if you didn’t remember the kind of kid that Alice is. In other words, the kind who does what she wants, and takes a risk. I definitely gasped here and there, because she tempts fate at the worst times.

Which brings us to these two butchers. They were a scary bunch in their own right. It didn’t take too long with them to figure out what this whole ‘Mister Finger and Lil’ Biter’ business was all about. This was a creepy thing they had going on, but it was also fitting for what we are slowly coming to learn about these new butchers. Right now they are sending a message loud and clear that there is something to fear about a new generation of serial killers. It’s not just the repeats you have to worry about, it is everything fanatical about them that you know is going to be driven to extremes. All it ever takes is a narrative in their heads like ‘Mister Finger and Lil’ Biter’ to steer that ship.

Now at the start of this issue, I was excited to see that once more we were being treated to an issue starting with a murder. Though this time around they were quick to let us know that what was meant by what we were seeing. On the surface it may have looked like this is just a new generation of butchers trying to pick up where the last left off, but this is a whole new game with new rules to boot. There was no better way to send this message to us as the readers.

The interior work for this issue was great as usual. Though for a book like this, it is always about the things that an art team like this will do different to shake things up visually. That bit of uniqueness came from the story of ‘Mister Finger and Lil’ Biter’. Well maybe not a story, but it was definitely a visualization of Edward from a twisted perspective. I liked the style which Henderson took on for it. He used a lot of exaggeration with fingers and fingernails considering this is Edward’s obsession. If you crave something like that, you would imagine many normal things replaced with such image. At the same time the way Edward was drawn was creative for the innocent look he was given as someone who is consuming nails and fingers. That said, still I admired how violent things could get, and not once going overboard with red. It’s not always needed, and it is good to see colorists who have that control.

New game, new rules, new players. The town of Buckaroo is destined to be anything but peaceful at this point. Nailbiter: Returns #3 really kicked things off with a statement that nowhere is safe in this town.

Nailbiter: Returns #3




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