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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #7! It’s a new kind of experience right now. The Squad has been set free, along with the Revolutionaries. Right now it is anything goes, for everyone but one Deadshot who has decided that he has had enough of this chapter in his life. Can you blame the guy? While we know what Tom Taylor is preparing to dump on our laps, this still doesn’t stop you from feeling anxious to see how this reunion with his daughter will play out.

As you would have suspected, things didn’t start out as bad as you would have imagined, and that is why I appreciate a writer like Tom Taylor handling characters like Deadshot. He understands that not everything has to be so unfortunate for him. Again, that is not to say that you weren’t just waiting for him to pull the rug from under Floyd’s feet, but you can always work up to that point, instead of jumping right into it from the door. After everything we have seen of Floyd’s interactions with his daughter in previous runs, it only made sense that this would be a heartwarming reunion for the most part. What is she really going to hate him for? Her reaction came naturally, though of course that didn’t mean everyone in the house was going to be as thrilled by this entrance back into their lives. In Tom Taylor fashion, he also threw in some surprising twists to things which he had missed in his daughter’s life.

That said, this brings us to where things were going to go wrong. As one would imagine, what is a pardon, when the person who pardoned you isn’t in charge anymore? Let alone the person who plastered your face all over the FBI’s most wanted list. This part right here we knew was inevitable, and yet, what came in that moment was exciting because we were seeing a side to Floyd we wish we could see more often. The part of him who knew right from wrong, even when his situation is dire. This created a very satisfying action scene which made you believe that he was the marksman he is credited to being.

Now all considered with the Revolutionaries and one Harley Quinn, it’s good that we are also seeing things from the enemy perspective. Meaning the man at the top, Kord. The only way to make a game like this thrilling, is if there is something to fear from both sides. This issue took that extra step to remind us of what makes Kord so dangerous to even a group of supers like this. In spite of everything which should set him back, he has the resources to stay ahead. Not only this, but he has the ambition to allow nothing to interfere with his plans. That certainly makes you anxious to see what he is going to throw at them next.

What brought this all together was the brilliant work from this art team. Once more they knocked it out of the park because this was an issue with character focus, and that we could see with every flip of the page with Floyd. Since the first issue, he has looked rough around the edges. If it wasn’t the beard, it was simply giving that look in his face which made the statement that he was getting tired of it all. Whether it was the nervousness or the panic, you were seeing those same feelings of vulnerability in the way he is drawn in this issue too. The colors and use of lighting also made a huge difference here when creating some of the more endearing moments shared between Floyd and Zoe. Especially the use of more natural colors to bring out the grounded nature of these scenes. They are in a suburban setting, which didn’t mean that Lucas had to tone down the boldness of the colors, but just needed to key in on the kind of pallete which added to the sense of comfort you’re supposed to feel somewhere you call home. Aside from that, the lettering I loved for the style they chose to give a distinctive voice to Floyd. The use of red and the bullseye was a perfect combination.

Some bonds just can’t be broken. If there’s one thing to love most about this run of Suicide Squad, it is the fact that this creative team chose genuine storytelling over everything which could have easily turned out superficial.

Suicide Squad #7




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