Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Parent and Child” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Parent and Child”! With Subaru and Emilia’s arrival at Sanctuary, it didn’t take long for their purpose to be made clear. Complete the trials so that everyone can return home. Though of course this made you wonder what on Earth these two would have to face in order to complete it.

While it’s hard to say what that is by the end of this episode. We did come to learn what Subaru would have to overcome just to get past the first part. From just the promo for this episode, I was thrilled with what this had in store for us. I mean, it took a whole season and some change, but here we are finally with the opportunity to see the kind of life which Subaru left behind. Now normally with a series like this, it’s not always so important for us to understand this. What usually matters more than anything else is what kind of person the main character grows into in that world. Though with Re:Zero it always felt like that wasn’t good enough. Not after everything we discovered about Subaru’s personality, behavior, and characteristics which once made you wonder what kind of house he grew up in.

From start to finish, this episode allowed us to walk a mile in Subaru’s shoes, and the revelation we were struck with was shocking. To understand the kind of shut-in he turned out to be, how lonely he turned out to be, the very little that he had going for him. It was all so gut-wrenching. Yet at the same time, you were left endeared by the kind of parents who raised him. Maybe they didn’t do much to nurture better habits, but they were the kind of parents who did not give up on a kid like him. Meeting Subaru’s parents made so much sense of the kind of person he turned out to be. That is to say when you peeled back the layers of Subaru which weren’t too appealing in the past.

The best takeaway from this episode was learning where that toxic behavior of Subaru’s stemmed from, and how he has taken the most important step towards conquering it. The greatest power any one of us can have over ourselves is self-awareness. I loved the amount of it he had to show going through this trial. This leaves a lot to look forward to from him. That said, the most painful takeaway was the reality-check we were given that Subaru is special when it comes to the way he was plucked from his world. Unlike others, he didn’t die. So to experience what he just did with his parents without any hope of being able to do it for real? That is just heartbreaking to put someone through.

Now I know there will be that minority of viewers who might find themselves bored by this episode. It’s not easy to get this far in the story for things to slow down, but for weeks like this? It is absolutely worth it. This is what you look for when you ask for genuine character development.

I was not expecting such a beautiful episode out of Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Parent and Child”, but here it was. I can take a few calmer episodes if we have more opportunities to better get to know characters who we probably should have known more about long ago.

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