Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “Convini-Wars” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “Convini-Wars”! I love being able to say expect the unexpected. Especially when it comes to cooking, because not too often will you find a story that makes you care that much about what goes on within a kitchen. Just when you think you have seen it all from Food Wars!, they let you know quickly that you haven’t seen anything yet.

This next stage was pretty exciting. I had my expectations when it came to the BLUE, and it seems that after two episodes I should already throw them away. Not a problem I had with that either, because there was no way that this would have turned out half as good as it has in only the early stages if it was just more of the same. I mean, from the minute this next stage opened up to a convenient store? I knew we were in store for something good. As I said before, it matters that this isn’t straightforward cooking gourmet with expensive ingredients. At a point, that tells you nothing about how good a chef is. How good a chef is is how they respond to situations outside of the norm. You have to be able to look at foods from any source, and be able to turn into into something that would knock the socks off of the person eating it. Once more it even made a difference to draw that line in the sand between the chefs who can adapt, and those who are too close-minded to take risks.

If you ask me? This one was right up Soma’s alley. I couldn’t think of a more random cook who would have a field day being able to go through a convenient store to make a dish out of. It actually took me by surprise that it took some time for him to figure that out for himself. Which brings me to the dish that he made to pass the stage. That was an impressive dish he put together because it could have gone either way depending on its harmony. I would actually give props to the studio because this looked very appetizing for what looks like a mix of appetizers to the average person. Who also made this entertaining was the judge for this stage. A familiar face from the previous stage, but all the same one who you didn’t mind seeing more of for the way that she interacted with the participants. Specifically Soma who she had some interesting words for. I was a bit caught off guard by the way that she led him towards the dish he made to pass. Was it her underestimating his skills? Most likely, but the end result was worth it.

It was nice to see Tsukasa again. He’s one of the main ones we have seen who graduated from Totski and back in a role of relevance. The part he plays in this is worthwhile because we were seeing another perspective taken towards what’s wrong with NOIR. To simply just participate in the BLUE didn’t seem like it was a choice he would make lightly. So I appreciated that they were quick to revealing his motivations. Beyond that, his personality does help lighten the mood as someone who isn’t too comfortable with having anyone’s attention.

That said, I was a bit let down that they still didn’t have much to show for Megumi and Aldini. Don’t get me wrong, I like that they are still moving up in the BLUE. However, I want to see more of what they have to show for the growth they have undertaken. Particularly when it comes to Megumi who has been to a great many places to widen her horizons. Though that is not to say we shouldn’t also want to see where Aldini has grown too. I think both of them have the same skill to be able to wow us if they were given the chance. I’m hoping that chance taken on them comes next week. Soma is a great main character, but the supporting cast is just as good.

Aside from this, I did like the small things you could see taking form in the background. On one hand we are seeing more from the proper world of cooking, and their perspective towards this move being made by NOIR. On the other hand, we are left questioning whose side the Bookmaster is on, because we haven’t heard one thing which really gave you the impression that this individual cares about the future of the cooking world. Especially for the stakes that were raised for the chef who wins.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “Convini-Wars” overall turned out to be another pleasant surprise. Every twist to this year’s BLUE has been brilliantly executed so far. This kind of momentum needs to be carried through all the way to the end.

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