Digimon Adventure “The Ultimate Invasion” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Ultimate Invasion”! Now I know what you’re thinking, that this is a pretty strange title. I mean, did the kids not just invade the fortress and give everyone the boot? Made you wonder what more they would have to deal with, and if they would be up to the task. Lucky for us, there wasn’t too much to figure out as they didn’t shy away from letting us know that Ogremon is coming back for another round. This time pissed and ready to reclaim his pride.

This episode was a different change of pace from the others, and not a bad one either at that. Up to this point, most episodes so far were more adventurous and goal-oriented. Though this one was all about the final confrontation which would bring this siege of the fortress to a close. It only made sense that it would be Ogremon who they had to deal with last in order to move on.

I’m not going to lie, the writing for Ogremon has surprised me. This is still the same Ogremon who was constantly trying to destroy the DigiDestined and their Digimon in the original series, but in the reboot they really hit the gas on his storyline. This was something which once took many episodes for him to break free and forge his own path, but here we were this week where they decided this was his time to run into that last failure which would change his course.

No arguments from me of course, because before that, this was a spectacular battle which erupted between himself and Greymon. This ind of battle right here is what separates the old from the new. I will admit that I have never been the biggest Agumon/Greymon fan, but they are putting in the work here to turn me around. It was exciting to see these two Digimon just scrapping. The choreography for their fight was on point for taking everything that puts these two on equal grounds. Ogremon shocked me a few times too for the fact that they really turned him into a Street Fighter, and not saying that as a bad thing either. Everything from his aura to his ‘Hadoken’ came with some umph behind it.

Something I never touched upon before that I loved about this reboot is the power-leveling system of the Digimon. Before, I wouldn’t have said most fights were anything too special. They did their one-off moves, nothing too much inbetween, and that was pretty much it. Though this time around, there was more effort put into what it looks like when these Digimon can get stronger on their own merit. That glow they take on is a small thing, but it is important. Numerous times it was awesome to think you were seeing Greymon at his full strength, and then see him push past his limits. This was either physically, or his firepower rose, but all the same you were seeing what power he was really packing with courage steering the wheel.

Another thing I never got to touch upon before was the use of Soundbirdmon instead of the dark gears to control Digimon. This has been a good change in my opinion. The dark gears weren’t bad, but they also forced one too many situations where Digimon had to either be destroyed or beaten to a point where they probably should have been able to walk away from the battle.

Now obviously I would also be neglectful not to mention the opening scene which was something to aprpeciate. Normally when we run into a new Digimon is when we get that screen with an overview of who that Digimon is, and what they can do. So it was refreshing that they could toss this in at the start of the episode, but throw a twist our way with this Digimon actually being Agumon. Even if you already know Agumon, the chances are that there is someone new to Digimon right now who has no idea what to expect from him.

That aside, I was satisfied with this ending on a note where all the DigiDestined, for the most part, were together. Not that there was any rush for this to happen, but nonetheless there has been nothing to hate about their dynamic as of late. If this was the original series, I would have had many complaints about the way they interacted, but fortunately they dodged many of the cliches they once thought was compelling.

In the end, this was a very satisfying episode of Digimon Adventure. “The Ultimate Invasion” did not disappoint showing us what a real battle looks like. And if this is what we can expect from just a battle with a Digimon of Ogremon’s level? That gives you plenty of reason to look forward to more!

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