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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Far Sector #7! In other words, the book which should be on your pull-list if you are a reader of DC Comics. Either way, this is a book which keeps getting better with each passing issue. The things you learn about Jo, the things you discover about the inner workings of The City Enduring, there’s always something to look forward to when you look around the corner.

Just like this surprise which Jo found on her current agenda. This issue actually turned out to be another big one. I say this because for everything we have come to know about Jo, we still have yet to see this side of her. The part of her who has just seen too much. The part of her who has felt like she has jumped through hoops of fire to come up with very little to show for it. We got to see the part of her who was just angry at all the things which have either been happening right under her nose, and the things which test how in control of her emotions she can be. It’s easy to think that the worst that she has ever witnessed or experienced was the cop brutality and injustice on Earth. Though there’s always worse out there. Especially when you step onto a planet like this to experiences acts more unspeakable. How could you not when this is a planet at war with itself over the need to be able to feel emotions? Her reaction was spot on trying to process all of it because there’s only so much that you can take from a situation where you are consistently getting the information you need too late.

Which brings us to the other main attraction for this issue. One of the bigger selling points of Far Sector in my opinion has been the stunning cover images. And there hasn’t been one which grabbed reader’s attention most than this one right here. Namely for the fact that this is Jo showing off her nerd cred as someone who is a fan of Gurren Lagann. Her statement didn’t just end with the way she dressed herself as a Green Lantern, she also let that shine through the creation of a giant mech. A massive creation which pretty much turns her into the construct and weapon. As this issue picked up from where the last ended, she threw herself right into the thick of battle, and the results were exhilarating. Just this one decision elevated the intensity of the battle in ways you were not prepared for.

Now at the same time some might find this issue to be a treat because Jo takes steps further to test the limitations of her ring in ways that others have not. Though first we had to also grasp what else makes her ring different from the others. The answer to that did not disappoint. Neither did what Jo accomplished with that knowledge. She took herself somewhere that probably should not have been possible for anyone who is flesh and bone. I mean, transforming her consciousness into digital information, and following that with a high-speed pursuit through an alien computer network? Not at all where you thought this book would have taken us at this stage of the story and plot.

Speaking of somewhere she was able to take herself, let’s talk about the one place we had yet to take a trip to yet in this world. That being the home of the @At. Jamal Campbell did amazing work here, because flipping to that first page which welcomed us to that world was jaw-dropping. You have to give this artist credit. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who has the patience for the level of work he puts into any given page, scene, or panel. I was taken back by the intricacy and uniqueness of the world itself, on top of there being so many inhabitants and not one looking like the other either. There was so much use of white and bright colors too, yet he did not fail to make every object stand out on its own. Aside from that, loved the style he added to the borders. Seeing a beat laid out across it made you want to think of what kind of song might be playing in the background as they traveled through this network.

The only problem I had came with this new destination. As wonderful as the visuals turned out for it, there was no denying how much easier it would be to read the lettering sometimes if the general bubbles had an outline to it. I get why some stray away from it, but you also want to make sure that on top of bright scenes, you are forcing the reader to strain their eyes to follow the dialogue.

Far Sector #7 was excitement on many levels, literally. I’m happy that they have decided to continue Far Sector on a new bimonthly schedule. It is a crime to have to wait so long to see what happens next in this conspiracy.

Far Sector #7




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