Review: The Terrifics #29

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Terrifics #29! If it’s not one thing, it’s another thing with this team. Never a dull day for them either, which is just how we like it. Particularly when there is such a peculiar string of unfortunate events interfering with all of the progress Mr. Terrific has made. All which seem to lead to the entrance Sebastian Stagg has made into their lives.

That was a clever twist they threw our way, because the last thing you would have expected is Stagg having another child to take on the business after he passed. Specifically one who no one thought could have existed considering how much time he spent with Sapphire. Which brings us to the big question. If there’s another Stagg, where has he been? The answer to that was satisfying, and fortunately did not take long to figure out. I liked that it also wasn’t too surprising for what you already knew about Simon Stagg. It made sense from a perspective where you expect the kind of drama that a rich family like theirs went through. A typical situation which created the typical brand of offspring.

Where things got interesting from there was the third incident in this string of disasters. At a point you would definitely have to believe that this was all being orchestrated by someone, but until that moment all you had was the suspense of seeing just how much worse things could get. And they only could when we knew there was something not to trust about Sebastian Stagg. Even though this was something we already knew, I’m glad that this was something they weren’t willing to drag out. With this many smart characters involved with one another, there’s no way you could convince readers that no one was going to be able to start putting two and two together about what was really unfolding.

Even with this issue I found myself still appreciating the creation of the T-Council. I definitely had my concerns about it at first, but that was mostly because there was the fear that this would begin to overshadow the original group. As fitting as it seems to have a bunch of people surrounding Mr. T who are also geniuses in their field, it was still a development which came pretty quick and out of nowhere. Having said that, what I appreciated about the T-Council is the additional characters this team has to work with to create more unique solutions to the problems they deal with. New dynamics, combinations, not to mention more refreshing interactions beyond what we are already used to.

What I did enjoy most was that they also did not make us wait too long for that one member who you knew was going to be a problem, to be a problem. I don’t know how that is going to play out in the end, but there are some people who just aren’t team players.

Now I was surprised by the interior work for this issue. Max Raynor was not a bad choice at all for penciler. We have gone through a number of artists throughout this series, but I’m glad to say that there was rarely a time where you could say they disappointed us. This is a book where you need a strong combination of storywriting and artwork. Raynor did a great job with the interior work because I think he was also the best match for a colorist like Protobunker. When you have that kind of boldness to your colors, it helps to have a penciler who gives those colors the room to shine. If there was one thing I admired most about Raynor’s penciling, it was the energy he put into the characters. They were quite expressive whether it was the emotions written on their faces, or what they expressed through their body language.

For anyone like myself who was still on the fence about the direction this book has been taking, The Terrifics #29 did just what was needed to create more investment in what’s to come. This book started with a Stagg problem, so it only makes sense that we would come back around to the same trouble this family brings to the team.

The Terrifics #29




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