Review: Undiscovered Country #7

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Undiscovered Country #7! New story arc time! I couldn’t say there was anything about the first arc which didn’t make me anticipate what came next in this story. I mean, this creative team could have easily eased us into what this country turned into, but they busted the doors open to that madness from the start.

That said, of course the one thing which we were all bracing ourselves for was what we had to look forward to in this strange new zone of ‘Unity’. To go from Mad Max to a futuristic world of gleaming technology and artificial intelligence? That was something we had to see with our own eyes. Though before that, of course there was another flashback to dive into. I was surprised that this time around they decided to turn their attention to this country’s past. It was a good change of pace considering the kind of insight into the world that we could get from seeing what things were like when there was still order. Additionally, we also got a good understanding of what we have to look forward to from the rest of the zones that we might have the opportunity to explore in this book. Maybe we don’t know the specifics, but you could look at some of the people in control of said zones, not to mention the name of the zones, and picture what separates them from one another.

At the same time, this scene was beneficial to us because it was in this very scene where we were seeing what shaped what we have witnessed in the present. I found the whole thing to be brilliantly executed for another example of how this book mirrors our world today. Take it how you will, but Americans are creatures of habit. You give a inch, and they take a mile. Put a restriction on something, and they will find some way to work around those limitations. You question how this world came to be, and the answer was no different from how the world tends to descend into madness today. The big difference obviously is that this is taken to extremes through elements of science fiction.

Catching back up with the expedition team, this was a solid time that they spent setting them up for the path that they take next. Not just as a team either. The choice they made to move forward was one which caused a lot of tension. I would say the right kind too. While we knew that there was no way they would go home, this didn’t mean that there was some would have loved to. Now was a good of a time as any to let said characters begin to show their true colors. As for the others, it was good to see how they could begin growing closer. The first story arc succeeded in showing them that they have the same goal, and the best thing for them was to get real help. Not just the kind which only looked like a victory on the surface. There wasn’t too much interaction from this new zone aside from their warm welcome, but I think everything else was a bit more important to tackle before jumping into the chaos which was inevitably about to ensue.

Compared to some of the issues before, it was strange to call this one tame, though as the start of a new arc that wasn’t really a bad thing either. I think every now and then the art team should have the room to just focus on the characters and how this experience brings out their best and worst qualities. What stood out was the picture we were able to put to a lot of faces who are in control of this new country. You would not believe it considering everything we have seen so far, but this was also before everything went wild too. This art team nailed giving us a tamed approach towards understanding where ambition from what looked like regular people, went so horribly wrong. Aside from that, our first visual of the Unity zone was interesting for the way that they depict futuristic. I was definitely expecting a cityscape as our first visual, though what we got instead was better for the difference. White everything, yet at the same time alive. I’m always impressed with artists who can render a white setting, and not struggle creating distinguishing structures within it.

In the end Undiscovered Country #7 did not let us down thrusting us from one mystery into another. So far you have to love these zones, because they take on a life of their own from within.

Undiscovered Country #7




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