Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “A Step Forward” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “A Step Forward”! As I said before, I was not expecting such a beautiful episode out of Re:Zero that we got out of “Parent and Child”, but there it was. A unique story that is rarely given the opportunity to be told in an isekai because others want you to only care about the main character in the world they now live in.

Where this episode picked up was enjoyable for the interaction that took place between Subaru and the witch. If you loved the previous episode, then this scene was a great follow-up for the change that we quickly saw in him. It would have been very easy to walk through that door and deal with the same guy he was before. Some series would have done that, and it would have been very frustrating. Yet here we were with Re:Zero following through with the character development we have admired from our characters like Subaru. He was aware of what he went through, the things he said, and made sure that this was something no one could take from him. That is a powerful sense of self-realization that this guy never had before. In the face of threats like witches, that is what you could also call your greatest weapon.

With that said, what came next was also interesting because you were not expecting what would come next for Subaru in the trials. You would have thought this to be another one of his big heroic moments, but it seemed that they had other plans for him. Plans which would take us back to a familiar format for the series. I didn’t mind it, because this is the kind of storywriting which captivated us all in the first place, and there is no better way to put Subaru’s money where his mouth is that he is a changed person from his experiences.

Which brings us to Emilia. This is where I could say that I wasn’t too surprised by what she had to go through. Not saying this in a bad way either. Where Emilia is in her progress completing the trials made sense for where she is in her character progression as a whole. This right here is supposed to be her big moment. To not just say that she can do more to protect people, and fight for people, but actually show it through her actions. And not only through her actions, but through her own strength. They did right by Emilia that this is something which she would have to earn. I only hope that in time they do also allow us to really take that journey with her into the trials so that we can see for ourselves what she is confronting, and trying to overcome.

It also went without saying that the depth they had given to Roswaal’s part in this was jaw-dropping. I mean, it’s not as if we already didn’t know he has some connection to the witches and everything else dark going on in the background. A person like him gives us no reason to assume anything less. Though it was a shock to see just how upfront he was willing to be about the strings he has pulled himself to create this current situation. It wasn’t hard to underestimate what he is willing to do for his own ends, but it as bold to know exactly what to say and do that not much could actually blow back to him.With that said, I was also impressed with how other characters seemingly had their part to play in this as well. It really does make you wonder what is genuinely at stake in this investment they have all taken in Subaru and Emilia succeeding in their obstacles.

In the end, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “A Step Forward” was a strong transition from another strong episode. Right now they are doing amazing work hitting the ground running with the challenges Subaru and Emilia now face. Some dangers are new, while some others more familiar. It should be a treat to see how Subaru specifically rises to the occasion next week.

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