Fire Force “The Time to Choose” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “The Time to Choose”! If you told me at the start of this retrieval that it would have broke out into a battle of this magnitude? I would not have believed you. Fortunately, a battle of this magnitude is what we got, and so far it has not really disappointed. So far it has been action-packed and full of twists.

After last week’s episode, I found myself looking forward to how this battle was going to conclude. It’s not that I felt underwhelmed by anything which happened in this arc, but at the same time I think we all knew how this was going to end from the start. From the minute they introduced Inca, there was no denying that this was going to be a lost cause. She is a pyrokinetic who is mentally broken. There was nothing about her that would have suggested that being safe in the arms of the Fire Soldiers was ever an option. She thrives in chaos, and unfortunately the White Clad gave it to her. At a point they just needed to reach the end of the battle between Shinra and Charon, then move on with the reality that this was a wasted effort.

What came after was a nice change of pace for the thanks that the fire soldiers got from the people of this town. When you looked at the destruction, it was easy to assume that there was nothing to celebrate, and yet there still was. I couldn’t find a problem with this either, because it matters finding the room to emphasize the importance of simply putting out fires and saving hat people have left during these tragedies.

From there, it was worth recognizing the development within the other Companies. Before this episode you couldn’t ignore the disappointment you felt in the Companies who weren’t out there on the front lines a the start. That certain people from them had to be asked for assistance said a lot about the state of them. So it was a big thing to get that one scene where we were seeing many of them acknowledging that this is a problem they need to support the 8th.

Which brings us to the favorable pacing this episode took for the transition into the next investigation into the Evangelist. This episode could have very well spent most of the time winding down from all of that action, but I admired the boldness to push forward and make a statement that this is an urgent situation. Meaning that this is one of those times where it didn’t hurt to skip past the recovery period and preparation, to jump into what came next. That realization of what that was turned out exciting for the team alone that was put together for this investigation. I definitely wanted to see Ogun taking up a bigger role, it didn’t hurt to have Noto there who we don’t see enough of, and of course I won’t argue with having Tamaki on the team. She is likely there as the sister on the team, but this is a great time to see if they are willing to do more with her than the usual.

As one mission came to an end, so another one begins by the end of Fire Force “The Time to Choose”. They gave us an end to Inca’s introduction which really put this fight for the Pillars into perspective. One which thrusts these fire soldiers into their next investigation, which I’m glad is taking us somewhere bold and adventurous.

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