Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “Christmas in Mid-Summer” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “Christmas in Mid-Summer”! As one round ends, we look forward to the next. Well this week we look forward to what is supposed to be the last round before the real games begin.

Off the bat I was enjoying this episode for the fact that they fixed the one problem which was looming from the start. NOIR might be the bad guys in this, but there was no denying the problem with the chefs who called themselves professionals as well. Many of them had their noses in the air about the way to make food, and yet most of them looked as basic as could be. There was no better time than this round to make a statement to them that they have nothing on chefs as a whole who have their own specialty.

The pacing also managed to catch me off guard, because so quickly the next round kicked off and it was something as simple as creating a specialty dish with premium meat. I didn’t mind this one bit as it made sense that at least one round would be pretty straightforward. Everything came down to the style and technique that each chef would use to prepare their meat. The opportunity was not wasted to show what the rest of NOIR participating could do. That was where the real shocker hit, because you could not have prepared yourself for the wildness to their gimmicks. Be it their attire, or their utensil, not one of them disappointed in showing what it means to be different from the chefs on the outside.

There was one chef who stood out, and obviously it was the one carrying the chainsaw. The ‘Armed Chef’ was an intriguing member of NOIR when her method of cooking really should not be possible, and yet she makes it so. It was an entertaining scene from the minute she dug that chainsaw into her meat, to when everyone had the chance to try the end product. The reactions made sense. Especially after coming to understand what made this chainsaw no ordinary chainsaw.

With that said, one could have a problem with the fact that we didn’t see how our main characters prepared their dishes, but this wasn’t really their time. It was NOIR’s to make their presence felt. Now everyone moving forward knows what they are in store for dealing with all of the members of NOIR participating.

That brings us to the final stage of the BLUE, the actual tournament. I did not expect that this would also happen in the same episode, but why argue with the quickness taken towards getting through everything that is pretty much preliminary? As the preview and images suggested, the first up would be the Armed Chef. Not surprising, but it was awesome to see what more she could do with this chainsaw when the dish chosen was a Christmas cake. Facing off against Soma was perfect as well because of this. Neither of them you would think do their best work with pastries and deserts, and yet there you were being blown away by the creativeness both chefs took towards their dish. I didn’t mind either that this first match-up ended with a cliffhanger. Gives you plenty of reason to get anxious for how it ends.

Beyond this, it was worth taking note of the bit of reveal they gave to explain the motivations of some NOIR members. Some you are going to assume want to bring respect to the underground world of cooking at the core, but this was a great time to say that there might be more to what motivates some of them.

Overall, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “Christmas in Mid-Summer” was exciting from start to finish for the momentum which carried all the way through. An arc like this could go on for a good while, but I think we can all appreciate that this creative team knows that we are here for everything that is to the point. Even if they slowed down for this or that, what would you really get out of what is only a delay to the main event?

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