Digimon Adventure “The Steel-Solid Super Evolution” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Steel-Solid Super Evolution”! That was quite the ordeal that the DigiDestined went through last week as Ogremon made his last stand for the sake of his pride. Some things just don’t change about a Digimon like that, which I appreciate because Ogremon really did in time become a likable character after his turnaround. Though that was the week before, and this is now. And we’re all here for the same reason, to see Greymon make the push to be the first to evolve into an Ultimate form.

Now talking about this week’s episode, this was yet another big one for the difference that we needed to see between the original series and this reboot. No matter how you look at the events of last week’s episode, that was pretty much a loss for the DigiDestined. Normally we would be in for some sad times. Mainly because of how predictable Taichi and Yamato would be during these times. Taichi would usually allow himself to get overcome with emotions, then you would have Yamato who unnecessarily escalates a situation when proving that he doesn’t know how to respond to other people’s feelings. That’s just their thing, but this reboot needed to make a statement that this didn’t have to be a thing every time with them. Certainly not to the levels some of us were familiar with. So with that said, what happened next did involve some rising tensions, but I appreciate that there was a line in the sand for how far this was allowed to go.

From there, the question was what they did next. This part I admired for the fact that they really dug their feet into the benefits of having someone as resourceful as Kushiro on the team. Not only that, but the resourcefulness of having devices with real functions. The opportunity was not wasted to show that between the Digivice and his laptop, there was no excuse for going into anything unprepared. Especially when this story has been updated to the year 2020. They took information that was previously collected, information from their recent encounters, and information from the surrounding area to sit down and create a solid plan. One which took them to where they needed to go next, and one which offered an opportunity to take Metal Tyrannomon off the board. Two birds with one stone. I even loved that Kushiro was able to look at the data for Metal Tyrannomon and actually let Taichi and Agumon know what to do to fight this monstrosity. That is a step above what is usually just looking at the laptop and only getting the basic profile of the Digimon they ran into.

After that, everything came down to execution. Though for the most part everything came down to the confrontation that Taichi and Agumon needed to have with Metal Tyrannomon. This did not disappoint one bit. I wouldn’t say the physicality was on the same level as when Greymon was facing Ogremon, but it was still just as intense because this was a Champion Digimon trying to take down one who is Ultimate level. That said, the thrill came from watching Greymon and Taichi trying to use tactics to get around the serious range that Metal Tyrannomon has. It was one thing getting close to Metal Tyrannomon and dealing with the raw power that comes with its size, but the firepower was no joke either.

Now when the point came for that evolution into Metal Greymon, I was a bit let down that they didn’t really do much special with the animation of the process, but still nonetheless it did look cool. The way he fought quickly changed when there was more reliance on the new addition of ranged attacks which he now had available to him. This is not to say he suddenly forgot how to use his claws or tail, but this was definitely a battle where the one with the most firepower won.

All in all, Digimon Adventure “The Steel-Solid Super Evolution” created the perfect situation for the first Ultimate evolution to be introduced. An excellent checkpoint we have reached since now we can look forward to the others getting their chance along the way.

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