The God of High School “fear/SIX” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “fear/SIX”! With the conclusion to the tournament last week for this district, one has to wonder what comes next for The God of High School. Though more importantly, where the trio of Jin, Mira, and Han fit into what comes next. For those of us who are just watching the anime, there are big questions surrounding the way that this works. Especially knowing that there are many more fighters who we haven’t even been introduced to who will be competing in the national tournament.

Now with this week’s episode, things moved a bit slower. When I say slower, what I mean is that this wasn’t one of those episodes where you should have gotten your hopes up for some big action scene. Instead, this episode took the time to build upon what is at stake in competing in this national tournament. We know that the main attraction will be the tournament itself. How could it not? Though this was a great time to make the statement that there is much more to this than just the fighting. Through the perspective of those running the show in the background, we found ourselves with a greater understanding of what is hoped to be achieved through the participation in this tournament. This is where fighters with potential unlock that potential in them. This is where they tap into powers which borrow from the Gods themselves. Makes you anxious for things to kick off, am I right?

At the same time, they wasted little time setting the tone as well. When you think of a series like God of High School, it’s easy to assume that everything with impact is going to happen inside of the ring. However, through a couple turn of events, we come to understand that there is a whole other game played behind the scene. Which works for me, because up to this point I didn’t think I cared much about the vets and people in positions of authority. By the end of this episode we knew that there is a reason for the attitudes they take towards everything which happens around them.

I should also address the introduction of The Six. That did not disappoint for the uniqueness of these fighters. We don’t know what to expect from them exactly, but there is something to appreciate about the worlds they come from. One would have thought they were all a bunch of suits with money before the reveal.

This episode was also a great point to begin focusing on Mori, Mira, and Daewi as a group. I find them entertaining together because they each come from very different worlds, and clearly want different things from one another. It should be very interesting to see what can come of three friends who are bonded through fighting. Now there’s a lot of comparisons to draw to Dragon Ball, though this right here is what sticks out to me more than most other things.

The focus on Mira was once more appreciated to me. With series like this, it is easy for a writer to get lazy and hit a wall because they don’t know what to do with the female lead. As someone who is strictly watching the anime, so far I am impressed to see that this is not the case with Mira. She is strong, capable, and full of potential. Though standing next to Daewi and Mori, it’s kind of easy to assume that she is out of her league. So the time was spent well addressing this concern and quickly burying it. It made a world of a difference that she ran into someone like the other two who gave them the guidance they needed for what’s coming.

Aside from this, it did not hurt that they found the room to begin teasing the fate of Mori’s grandfather. For the kind of power he wields, it only made sense that the one who trained him was pretty powerful. Now as some pointed out, this was the other big connection to Dragon Ball. I thought it was pretty cool to point out myself how he grew up similarly to Son Goku when he was a kid.

In the end, The God of High School “fear/SIX” was satisfyingly enlightening. Episodes like this are the ones to hope that we get more often, because there are some things you can’t learn within the ring.

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