Review: Immortal Hulk #36

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Immortal Hulk #36! The punches just keep rolling. One would have thought this would be a new Planet Hulk by now, but so far this is all proving to be easier said than done. Especially when Hulk, Banner, and company have no idea that the true enemy is right under their nose.

That cliffhanger they hit us with last night was just painful, because I think we all wanted to know just how wrong this was about to go with this Rick who just set the Hulk off like a bomb. I mean, what is the angle right here? To make the Hulk look like the bad guy to the world again? To test something that required a bunch of innocents to sacrifice in the process? Who knew! Though you definitely could not have predicted what came immediately after. That was a real shocker. And first of all I would like to address the matter that is the Hulk. His response to this was both jaw-dropping and heartbreaking. This Hulk is a lot of things, but this remorseful version of him was not it.

That made what came next so crushing. Both figuratively and literally. When something like this happens? You know exactly who is going to be right there to take advantage of the opportunity. This was a mess which unfolded, and truthfully it was going to happen one way or another. That said, the battle which erupted was brutal for how personal things got too. These guys have been determined to bring the Hulk in, but they were clearly never prepared for what that would take if they were facing a Hulk who was not looking to pull the punches. Overall, it was just one of those situations where things were going to get out of hand before they started to get better.

Now what took me by surprise was the role which Jackie played in this. At this point in the story, you would have thought she’d wash her hands of anything dealing with the Hulk or anyone gamma. That she would once again through herself into the middle of a situation was saying something. It didn’t bother me either, because she has been a strong representation of what it looks like when someone can witness such tragedies unfold and not just see monsters.

While I say this, the surprises did continue to roll when apparently this thing right here was not all that anyone would have to deal with. One could say there is a lot going on here, but what about this hasn’t just been chaos? This right here is what it looks like when such combustible elements

This art team knocked it out of the park this week. It has been some time, but it was good to see some of the more chilling elements come into play again through the art. Despite everything which has happened recently, you could pretty much call that tame. And it would be in contrast to all of the things which would turn your stomach, like watching a guy melting from high radiation. It is one thing to say that, and another thing to see it. These guys spare no detail between pencils or color, and it pays off in the end. I mean, even what happened to Rick who was right next to Hulk was a sight that you didn’t think possible for someone on team gamma.

Overall, Immortal Hulk #36 went the distance to flip Banner’s plans on its head. Nothing which unfolded here is what anyone would have imagined possible when going outside for only a ribbon cutting.

Immortal Hulk #36




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