Review: Seven Secrets #1

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the debut of Seven Secrets #1! This book right here I was surprised by for how much I found myself looking forward to it. Well, I suppose I really shouldn’t be. Tom Taylor has been pumping out some bangers, though most of those stories were based on pre-existing characters, in already established universes. This right here was a new chance to create something original, and the last time he had the chance for something like this was with The Deep. It helped that this guy right here is also very good at advertising what he’s working on. I wish most had that same energy put into something new that their working on.

That said, let’s jump right into this one. I for one wanted to see how this first issue was going to pull us in, because off the bat this seemed like an ambitious project from this creative team. Ambitious is always good, yet at the same time you never want to get too ahead of yourself in the first issue. That is where you also want to make sure that everyone is on the same page about everything which is supposed to introduce us to these characters, and to the world this is all taking place in. So as far as being welcoming to us new readers? I would say that they nailed the opener and everything from there. This could have been one of those books where they simply eased us into everything that was about to unfold, but here we were tossed right into the thick of it. To see exactly what is at stake when they say these words, wonders, weapons, etc. can’t find their way into the wrong hands. It was all easy to understand for anyone who has ever thought to question if there was some order out there protecting regular people from things beyond their comprehension.

From there, they didn’t waste time giving us a bit of insight into what The Order is. All pretty much how you would expect an ancient order to run, though the important thing was at the very least being in the know. In other words they made sure there was an understanding about the hierarchy, what a Holder is, a Keeper is, and the lengths that they would go to in order to keep this system intact. The kicker of course was seeing where things would begin to turn upside down for The Order, because that is what would have the biggest impact towards our investment. We already knew that their stronghold is attacked and a secret is revealed, but it is another thing to see for yourself how this shakes them up.

After that, we got the chance to jump right into the story of our main character, The Order’s youngest member, Caspar. That’s not to say that this wasn’t a story being told from his perspective from the start, but most of this issue was us being able to see just how he came to be. Now it was one thing for them to say that he was trained his entire life to protect the Secrets he will never know. We’ve all heard that before, which made it unique that there was more to it than just that. We don’t end this first issue knowing his secret, or being introduced to him directly, but all good things like this come in time. I think they did more than enough for us to look forward to that next issue to see where Caspar fits into everything which is now unfolding with The Order. Especially if it is something more dangerous than the seven secrets already being protected.

Another big draw-in for me was having an artist like Daniele di Nicuolo working on this book. I’m more familiar with Daniele di Nicuolo’s work with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, so I expected nothing but the same energy brought to Seven Secrets. A book like this was really right up his alley. The character designs were great, the action was as usual exciting for the transition of scenes. Like with the Power Rangers books, Nicuolo brought the same attention to detail here too. I was blown away by just flipping open to that first page and seeing a battlefield in full rendering. The people from opposing sides, their weapons lodged into one another, the brutishness of it. He is not one who skips a beat putting you into the moment. Which brings me to Walter Baiamonte, with color assistance from Kaita Ranalli, who also knocked it out of the park with the colors. The colors brought it all together in a way that catches your eyes with every flip of the page. The boldness, the range, the explosiveness of the colors, all of it was a perfect combination for a story as high-octane as this. I especially loved the use of colors which helped set the atmosphere for certain scenes. There was a lot going on here which required us being put in the right mood to experience the highs and the lows that this Order went through.

By the end of Seven Secrets #1, I was sold on this book. You can say that you have read books or followed stories about orders and secrets, but Seven Secrets is not like the rest. And with a creative team like this? You can bet that they are going to find every way to keep you at the edge of your seat!

Seven Secrets #1




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