Review: Willow #2

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Willow #2! If you’re still reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then this is the best way to shake things up for yourself. Willow’s adventures lead to something that is a nice change of pace from the madness of Sunnydale. Specifically when it comes to the typical teenage drama.

Off the bat, this second issue opened up with a reminder that Willow is still in a place where she is healing over her losses. Something I appreciate because I don’t think in the other books we get enough stories where we are able to dig into the mind of Willow. Especially during the times where she is in the most distress. We love Buffy, but at the end of the day she isn’t the only one who hurts when the team takes a loss. It was a simple scene, a dream sequence we jumped into, but it definitely said more than words could not. Which works for someone who doesn’t have any familiar faces in sight.

Which brings us to the magical town of Abhainn. They wasted no time at all for us seeing that there is something up with this place. There was that bit of a tease that we got of where things would start to seem off, but in this issue those things were hard to miss. Considering this isn’t an ongoing, I didn’t find much of a problem with this since there is only so many issues to throw someone into a new place, new situation, and try to get over something that is easier said than done.

With that said, it wasn’t hard to see where Willow might run into trouble here. It’s not just about things feeling off, because if this was the Willow we grew with? Doors would have been busted down, but this is a Willow who is looking for different answers right now. The kind which can take precedent over anything else which is not making her feel either welcome or safe. It’s a very different experience to take with her compared to where Buffy is right now. Almost a breath of fresh air to have someone who is putting more effort into helping themselves without stirring chaos in the process.

Where I was a bit on the fence about the artwork for the first issue, this second issue made me feel more comfortable with the style they have chosen for this book. Sometimes when the main character of the story is involved with magic, you get used to the idea that the interiors are going to be the best thing you ever aid your eyes upon. However, if you understand the story, then you see that sometimes that is not always what you need. Natacha Bustos and Eleonora Bruni understand this through a lighter touch they have given to Willow’s world. One which emphasizes the simplicity that she is looking for. Caring about that nice piece of clothing, the beauty of the natural world around her. They made these things stand out to us visually. There was one scene in particular which caught my eye because the execution was perfect for what it looks like when witches are set free around a fire at night. The colors had a huge impact there too.

After the events of Willow #2, it wasn’t hard to believe that it might be easier just to stay in Abhainn. There’s a magic to this place which can’t be explained, but you can see it in the effect it leaves on the people of this town. I believe we’re all just waiting for this to be too good to be true.

Willow #2




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