Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “The Maiden’s Gospel” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “The Maiden’s Gospel”! It’s back to work for Subaru.It took some episodes, but here we are at a brand new checkpoint for Subaru, which has come after his most recent death. Not much of a shocker that he died, but definitely a shocker that an old friend has come back to say hello. A nice change of pace that we know who the murderer is at the start this time.

So with this episode we somewhat return to a more familiar format for the episode. Now that Subaru has both died and been made aware of his killer, now he could jump right into what he should so in contrast. I was actually impressed with him this time around. These are the times to show growth where he was too immature in the past. He handled himself maturely acting upon what he already knew before, and what needed to happen differently to change the result. Even a few things which he wasn’t open about last week, he surprisingly was more forthcoming about. There were plenty of times where he could have easily lost control of himself. Yet here and there worked down a checklist. Not everything happened the way he would have pictured it, but that’s just the kind of world he lives in.

Off the bat, when Subaru and Ram made their way to the mansion, I appreciated that there was time found to address the matter of Rem. This was an interesting scene, because there was no telling how she was going to take this news. Would she see this as a possibility even if not remembering? Would she care? That second question specifically nagged at me just from knowing the kind of person Ram is. Unlike Rem, she doesn’t allow herself to feel nearly as she should. This created a challenge within itself, though it was good to know that at the end of the day, Ram was the one who somehow managed to keep her head on straight throughout.

Which brings us to that period of suspense. This hit hard because you knew what was coming, but it was just a matter of figuring out when it was going to be time for Elsa to make her entrance into the mansion. The moment hit you when you least expected it, and the action which followed was worth the wait to see what Frederica specifically could do. They cautioned Subaru with good reason about what she was capable of. Though this did not change what we already knew was going to be the end result this week.

You definitely felt for Subaru since the longer this show runs, the deeper his relationship to the others grows. So it never gets easier seeing what happens to these people he cares about. At a point what happens to them even impacts you more than Subaru since he is the guy who gets to come back to life.

Even the end of this episode was both brutal and gut-wrenching. It was pretty much a given that not everything was going to be resolved this week. So pretty much the entirety of this episode was jumping back into this situation with greater clarity to what is unfolding. Not only this, but simply waiting in suspense for how much worse things could be from getting back to the mansion earlier. Subaru came there before and everyone was already removed from the picture. Now we are seeing what kind of fate they must have shared at the hands of Elsa.

They did not play games this week. “The Maiden’s Gospel” raised the stakes in a way that us anime viewers were not prepared for. Knowing is only half the battle. The other half involves having the strength and numbers to handle an enemy who takes considerable means to overcome.

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