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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about X-Force #11! New story arc time! Now that we have gotten past their recent troubles with the Flower Cartel, we jump back into what you would call common work for X-Force in this Dawn of X. Though one has to question how long a team like this can keep together when some of them have died numerous times, and one of their strongest has already resigned.

Till we get around to addressing such concerns, there was of course the priority for this team. Which is tackling new threats to the mutant population. This part right here I enjoy most about this book, because they get right into the thick of their situation. The attacks on their money is one thing, so is the acts of ignorance shown towards mutants, but it is another thing entirely when you have countries like Russia out there doing everything in their power to keep up with the technological/biological advancements of Krakoa. Such efforts lead to the many disturbing discoveries X-Force have come across, with this issue’s discovery being no exception. I was actually impressed with how quickly they took to throwing us right into this new dilemma. It was another statement made that for as far as the mutants have come, there is no reason for them to ever underestimate their enemies. Especially the ones who are clever enough to some extent reverse-engineer what the mutants are able to do.

Now from this new situation a problem was pretty much brought to the island. Of course you could say this is nothing new, but at the same time this was refreshing when most of the missions so far required the team taking action outside of Krakoa. This shakes things up where the problem is something they have to deal with on their own soil. In other words, it mattered that we see how this team operates when the problem is attacking them directly.

That said, I found it interesting that there was still something to go back to in terms of Colossus’ place in this story. When it comes to a team like X-Force, usually mutants like Colossus are the last that you would send into the field for that kind of work. Usually you get the ind of mess he has turned into now who wants nothing more to do with that life. So with that in mind, it was a hard sell to feel convinced that he was the only one on the island to turn to. Heck, I’m not even sure why they haven’t recruited someone like Frenzy who is just as strong, but actually has the stomach for that brand of action. Now at the same time, I can understand the perspective taken from Colossus to emphasize how chaotic it can be to be an X-Man. Specifically during these days where their enemies are going to great lengths to get back on top of the food chain.

With this new story arc came another change in artist. A bit disappointing that X-Force doesn’t have a consistent art team, though it is hard to argue with the fact that most issues are quality work visually. When it came to Bazaldua on pencils, it didn’t feel like too much changed. Obviously there wasn’t as much detail in the pencil work as the previous artist, which in turn didn’t allow the colors to flourish as much either. However, the style was at the very least the same which made it for the most part hard to tell that there was actually someone different working on the interiors. With that said, I was impressed with this art team’s approach towards the more chilling elements of this book. When you think of other people trying to do what the mutants do, you would instantly assume that they are crudely accomplishing this. And we could see that through the abominations they call soldiers, and what makes them so far from human.

Overall, X-Force #11 offered the kind of story you want to see more often from this book. When you can’t replication processes and technology the same as the mutants? You end up with the madness the mutants are now dealing with on their doorstep. I only hope that the lead into Swords of X connections doesn’t distract from what good this book has going for it.

X-Force #11




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