Fire Force “Road to the Oasis” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “Road to the Oasis”! And we’re off on the road to Oasis! New story arc time for the fire soldiers, and I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a new destination. This new investigation has thrust these fire soldiers into their next investigation, which I’m glad is taking us somewhere bold and adventurous. Manga readers will know what’s in store for us, but the rest of us are simply ready to jump into the unexpected.

So far, the best thing about this new arc is the change of pace this story has taken on. From the minute they put together the team that would investigate the Chinese Peninsula, I was excited to see what could change with a younger team put on the field. It didn’t take long to see that either. If this were some of the older fire soldiers, there is no doubt that everything here would have happened by the book. They would have been professional about making an entrance on a new continent, and they would have conducted themselves properly when being advised on how to best traverse questionable landscapes. However, this wasn’t them. This was the younger blood who reveled in this new experience.

That said, everything about this new frontier was a refreshing experience too. For everything we knew about the way this world worked, it was only a matter of time before we could see what life is like for people who do not live around an Amaterasu. With that visual representation of the difference, it became much easier to understand how important an Adolla Burst is when it is used to preserve life, instead of destroy. Now the biggest surprise about this continent was the location of the Adolla Burst, because I was not prepared for the discovery they would drop on our laps. One would have easily assumed that the extent of the Adolla Burst in this case was just making a certain zone more habitable. You would not have guessed that it had the added power to gift wildlife with intelligence and speech. I was always wondering what that mole was in the promotional art, and now it all makes sense.

Now at the same time, little time was wasted to jump into what is going wrong here. We know for a fact that there is an Adolla Burst here, but the more important question was if the Evangelist was setting up shop here too. While we didn’t land on a definite answer, it was pretty clear that there were unwelcomed guests who required having a conversation with.

Which brings us to what this team is choosing to do with the information they gathered so far. As we know, this is an investigation. Which meant that there were some rules that they had to play by. Kind of like when the 8th Company was investigating the 7th. While it’s obvious that a fight is going to be inevitable, this did not change the appeal of the conversation that came from deciding whether or not they needed to be diplomatic to dig deeper, or get their hands dirty.

Aside from this, there was some action this episode, and it did not disappoint one bit. There was nothing major about it that tops anything we have seen from episodes before, but it was worthwhile for being able to see Ogun in action specifically. I personally love his power. And as someone whose family is from a near region, it was interesting to see him name one of his attacks Yoruba. Though of course I still want to see the guy when he gets serious. There’s high expectations from someone who shares a similar style of combat to Shinra.

In the end, Fire Force “Road to the Oasis” gave us a lot to look forward to from this new arc. This new continent opened us up to a whole new world of possibilities. Even allowed these characters to begin asking some hard-hitting questions about things they were more certain of before what the Chinese Peninsula’s Adolla Burst revealed.

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