Digimon Adventure “The Wolf Standing Atop the Desert” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Wolf Standing Atop the Desert”! As I said last week, this is an excellent checkpoint we have reached since now we can look forward to the DigiDestined getting their chance along the way to reach greater power. Though we would have to also brace ourselves for the trials which tend to come with splitting the party.

This was a very good episode for how it turned out. I know that I had my reservations about this part since nothing truly comes good from a party separating in a story like this. Not to mention for those of us who watched the original series, you know how long-winded these parts had a tendency of being because of the detours this would create. So color me shocked when their approach to this part came more thought out than expected. Taichi, Koshiro, and Mimi went one way. While Sora, Joe, and Yamato took the other path around. Considering how early this is in the story, there was no arguments from me about the splitting, because they all in some way had something to offer to each other.

Off the bat, what I admired was the better use of the Digimon for journeying across some of these harsh environments. Too often I would find myself wondering why certain Digimon aren’t used more often to fly, or to carry others across distant landscapes, and this episode started them off on the right track by acknowledging what can be accomplished when these moments are taken advantage of. For example, whichever side had Sora and Piyomon was supposed to have it pretty easy, and fortunstely they did for the most part. I loved watching them fly across instead of just killing their feet.

That said, let’s talk about the path which Sora, Joe, and Yamato took, because that was where all the action was this week. To say that they ran into some obstacles was an understatement. It felt obvious that they were going to run into some troublesome Digimon along the way, but the ‘side quest’ was a bit unexpected. This I didn’t mind either for the fact that this reboot adds a whole new layer of depth to the importance of these. Mainly because you can run into someone in need, but you would also need to question if that is worth the time you are losing with a world at stake. The argument over helping them too made sense for who was for it, and who was clearly going to be against it.

Now how they handled these trouble Digimon was excellent for the challenges they had to overcome. I wouldn’t say that Birdramon or Ikkakumon were that big of difference-makers in taking them on, but they certainly pulled their weight when it mattered most. Instead it was Yamato and Garurumon who stood out for the tactical approach they took to keeping up with an ultimate Digimon. I would say it made a big difference to have that one kid who knows how to look at a situation and properly access it, even without a computer too. This wasn’t going to turn the tides of a battle, but it was definitely enough to keep them alive. Which brings us to the reason for the title of this episode. I think we can all guess what is meant by “The Wolf Standing Atop the Desert”, and they did not disappoint either. I was thrilled by the point in which Garurumon would upgrade to Weregarurumon, and the battle following that was thrilling for it.

Speaking of Garurumon, this was yet again another impressive episode for the writing of Yamato. They have done wonders making him so much more appealing of a character from the kid who was always so confrontational in the original series. He’s still cold to some extent, but still knows when to dial it back and think of others around him.

Aside this, that just left the little bit to traveling that we got out of the other group. There wasn’t too much to see on their end, but at the very least they made sure we knew that there was something to look forward to next week. That they would have their own set of troubles to deal with.

Overall, Digimon Adventure “The Wolf Standing Atop the Desert” was a fun episode for a lot of things they are continuing to do better with this reboot. Better use of the Digimon when traveling, and better characterization of the DigiDestined as well.

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