The God of High School “anima/force” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “anima/force”! The plot thickens this week, and I know that I’m here for it. I gotta say I was a bit taken by surprise when this episode came out and first was our trio tossed into their first match. I would have thought they would maybe get second, just so that we could see what kind of matches these would be like. Though once again they jumped right into it with their fast pacing. And you would get no arguments from me either because I enjoy a story that gets straight to the point. Especially when it’s a tournament anime.

So let’s jump right into this first match-up. Color me surprised when my initial assumption for how these three-on-three style matches would play out. In my head I assumed that this was going to be one of those things where they throw all six fighters in at the same time to see who comes out on top. I did not think that they had the time to do best two out of three, but apparently they do. Not to say that this is a problem of course. At the end of the day this gave both teams the room to allow their members to shine. Though for this first match-up it blew my mind to see just why it ended up being Mori who walked away beat-up. I knew that he was written to be a goofball like Goku, but I didn’t think they were going to go that far with it. But who am I to deny a character like this of these shenanigans? Right now Mori is entertaining whether he’s actually fighting or failing to get the fight he wants. Right now, it is just good o know that the writers aren’t trying over sell how powerful he is. We know it, but you got to save those moments for where they matter most.

That just left Daewi and Mira to do the real fighting. This was exciting because this was the first time that they were both really pitted against someone who could use Borrowed Power. Even if we knew that they were both going to win, this didn’t change the fact that you wanted to see how they would be able to overcome people who already tapped into greater powers. Daewi’s match was intense for the fact that it was two fighters matching each other in raw power and durability. That one simply came down to who could dig deeper. As for Mira, again I was impressed with the idea that she specializes in fighting with a sword, but she is still just as deadly without one in her hand.

With that said, I was caught off guard that they would decide to spend time telling the story of the trio’s opponents, but at the same time it was a story to appreciate. It matters that we know that there are participants who come from many walks of life, and all looking for different reasons to win. I would definitely say it was touching to understand what motivated these three to fight on the grand stage.

Once more they also did not waste time showing us who was going to be a problem fighter in the National Tournament. I was shocked by this one because they easily topped the previous psycho in a big way. The brutality of what this guy did to his opponent was something I can’t really put into words. Neither can I explain the horror of the amount of blood spilled in that ring. They certainly made sure we knew that just about anything can happen when you step in. At the same time they made sure that we knew that this trio would be the type who enjoy playing hero for better or worse.

This brings us to the situation the Commissioner Q found himself in. I always had a feeling that there was more to what we were seeing than what was on the surface. I mean, were they really about to kill off someone as powerful as him so early, and off-screen? That would have been pretty disappointing if you ask me. So I was thrilled to see that this guy was not done yet, and that the real fight was about to begin. The choreography for this fight was spectacular because of course there was the appeal of their fighting capability, but everyone who was involved in this was showing off their Borrowed Powers. In general, this was truly where the plot thickened. As I said last week, I love the fact that they have these two stories ongoing side by side. If you didn’t think there was a reason to care about these more experienced fighters, their war with Nix will change that.

All in all, The God of High School “anima/force” had a lot going on here, but all of it really gave you many reasons to invest in what is unfolding through this tournament. The stakes are real inside of the ring and out.

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