Black Clover “A Witch’s Homecoming” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 139, “A Witch’s Homecoming”! This was an episode I found myself really looking forward to. In my honest opinion, since the Witches Forest arc, I have always thought that there is never enough Vanessa that we see. This is a magic knight who can change fate, so this is an important time for someone like her to be able to build upon that power. On top of everything else that she is capable of.

First off, I was happy that this journey for Vanessa would take her back to the Witch Forest. This was a place that we had to get back to one way or another, and it made sense when there is no place safe from what is coming. At the same time it made a big difference that we could see what kind of welcome someone like Vanessa could receive after her last departure. Would it be a warm welcome? Or would she be turned away at the door?

The answer to that was satisfying, because this was also the best time to show that the Queen is not as evil as one would think. She did do some crazy stuff back then, but you couldn’t completely fault someone like her for seeing the kind of power it took to keep her land safe. Either way, I enjoyed seeing a different side to her who cared in her own way. She was never going to just give Vanessa the power she came for, so it all came down to pushing her in a direction where she would discover what she already had. The Witch Queen having her work with the two Witches to challenge her strength was unexpected, but the turnout was great. Vanessa was placed right where she needed to be to understand that there are things only she can do which matters in what’s to come.

So with this episode, I was happy to see the sudden change in her. It was a change that I admire more than any of the others who have tried bettering themselves. Other Black Bulls did want to get stronger, but at the same time they did let themselves get caught up in shenanigans too. Vanessa on the other hand put down the bottle and made a choice that this was the time for her to get stronger so that the squad could avoid these close-calls they seem to love getting into. What really stood out for her was the growth in realizing her value as someone who is both an adult, and one who built herself up. Even if this episode wasn’t her actually getting stronger or learning a new spell, she learned something which matters in the longrun.

Aside from this, I did enjoy running into a couple other characters who have unique types of magic. Not the first time we have seen illusion magic, but it was certainly the first time seeing one involving sound like this. How these two powers created a dynamic with Vanessa’s a really impressive too.

In the end, Black Clover “A Witch’s Homecoming” was one of the more favorable episodes to come of this filler arc. I hope that when those six months pass, Vanessa comes out as one of the strongest assets to the Black Bulls, as we know she should be after participating in two big battles so far.

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