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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Once & Future #10! The excitement continues as Gran and Duncan continue to learn that this new battle is one that they need to get on top of. Because their enemies are not slowing down, and seem to be willing to throw everything and the kitchen sink at them to keep them out of the way. I felt chills wondering what would come after them next. Beowulf was terrifying enough, and it makes you wonder how these two will hold up fending off against something stronger.

Talk about jumping right into it. That is what you have to love about a book like Once & Future. They play zero games with us and do not waste our time trying to create a sense of suspense. I mean what purpose would that really do anyways? Gran, Duncan, and Rose have made enemies since this story first kicked off. Just about any minute of their lives could wind up with them trying to fight off some monster sent to their doorstep. They didn’t lie, revenge was on the plate this month. The ire of the mother of all monsters was awakened, though it was Gran who would have to take the brunt of the attack this time around. Which wasn’t a problem for me at all. I don’t think we could ever get enough of Gran as the one who is most experienced dealing with things which are pushing way outside of her weight class.

Now what made this issue so horrific, is where the attack took place. If this monster was coming after Gran, then there was only one place that this thing could go to find her, and this was probably the very last place where Gran needed her troubles to follow her. I found this move right here bold for this creative team, because this required them to really decided that all these innocent lives needed to be up on the line. In the longrun not a bad idea either for the fact that this was bringing out a side in her that we haven’t quite seen yet. Up to this point it was easy to get accustomed to this version of Gran who was always in the moment and using dark humor to cut through the seriousness of the situations she got in. However, this was probably the first time where she was genuinely serious herself and concerned with what could go wrong if she didn’t get the job done.

That said, this brings us to the meat of the situation. As I said before, this is a unique situation because it required Gran and Duncan understanding these stories in a way that made their job easier. Unfortunately, they didn’t do such a good job of that when they killed Beowulf. There was going to be a direct consequence to that, and now we are sitting in it. While this is all tragic, I do appreciate them creating this dilemma where they are learning the hard way what happens when you figure things out too late.

Aside from this, I didn’t mind seeing a Duncan who genuinely does still care for Gran despite everything which flipped his world on it’s head. Not to mention a Duncan who cares enough to pick up a few bad moves from her.

The interior work for this issue was stunning. Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvillain knocked it out of the park with the action-packed scene which unfolded as Gran took on the mother of all monsters. They did great job of creating this nightmarish scenario for Gran. The lighting was perfect, the wall to wall expressions of fear were on point, and they pulled no punches making this a bloody mess. In fact, for as bloody as things got, credit where it is due to Bonvillain that it never even got over the top. Just enough to stir the feelings of horror this monster needed to instill in everyone who was not equipped for something like this trying to kill them. Now as I said before, the characterization for Gran was important here, and it was good to see that change in demeanor visually too. That looks of seriousness mixed with concern, said more than words could about what was at stake for her. Even that cold stare of her hits you when faced with things which would have made most normal people freak out. Aside from this, I loved the way the colors always changed when the monster popped into the scene. The smoke, green hues, cold colors sweeping through the background. It made you believe that something bad was coming.

Overall, this was a very intense issue which knocks you at the edge of your seat. Knowing that Gran or Duncan might make it out of this doesn’t change the fear in the fact that there is a monster on the rampage which seems almost unstoppable now that they’ve killed the one person who could stop it.

Once & Future #10




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