Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Eugene” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Eugene”! Just like old times. A little change in plans, a new approach taken to find answers, but things ending in a messier disaster than before. It was one thing to know that Elsa dispatched of Frederica and Petra beforehand, but it was another thing to be there this time to see just how formidable this assailant really is. This makes you wonder what it is going to take to break from from this new cycle.

I was surprised this week. For the longest time I have found myself wanting to get to know more about Beatrice, because she has always given the impression that there is so much more going on with her than what we have been seeing on the surface. Like Puck. However, I was not prepared for the first round of answers that we would receive at the start of the episode. Of course there was the chills to shake off initially considering this scene is taking place right after the slaughter of everyone else in the mansion. So it was gut-wrenching to first get over the hysteria that Subaru was going through at the thought of still sticking around in this life.

Then came Beatrice herself, in typical fashion acting vaguely. Yet vague wasn’t all there was too her actions this time around. In this moment, you genuinely had to wonder what made her decide to save Subaru after everything which had just happened. Why didn’t she helps sooner? What is she truly protecting in that mansion if her actions are so limiting? And what sparked this interference from what was clearly Subaru preparing for this life to end? While I had these questions, I was glad that Subaru had similar questions of his own which he was not ready to let her run away from answering. It was in this moment that our first layer to Beatrice began to fall, and what remained was shockingly unfamiliar. It was like we were dealing with another character completely. Which makes sense knowing that there is a whole life which entities like her and Puck have lived before all of this. Yet what didn’t make sense was what was really pulling Beatrice’s strings. I prepared myself to some extent for what to expect from her, but not what she revealed.

There might be some out there questioning the importance of a scene like this, but it’s not too hard to miss. As the past couple weeks revealed, there is a whole different game being played here that no one is aware of outside of a select few. Even if this discovery isn’t going to lead to anything helpful immediately for Subaru, obviously there is someone out there who felt like this thing he needed to know about Beatrice, he needed to know now.

After dying, the surprises kept rolling through. At first I was just satisfied that they sped through the usual things which Subaru knew he had to do like before, though at the same time I was taken back by everything which was slowly deviating from the life before. And when I say deviating, I do mean deviating a lot from that previous life. Then I was filled with fear, because everything now seemed so uncertain for Subaru. It seemed like this new path was not going to lead him straight to the mansion anymore. In stead he would find himself facing different obstacles which took advantage of how helpless he is on his own, even with the right information on his side.

Which brings us to the impressive theme for this week’s episode. That turned out to be endearing for the fact that since the first episode of this series, Subaru was given something he had been missing for a long time. It’s safe to say that Subaru had no real friends outside of this fantasy world, and it’s safe to say that the closest thing Subaru had to a friend in this world was an ally. There’s kind of a difference between the two. So it was interesting how when Subaru finds himself in trouble due to this major deviation from his original path, this led to him discovering a friendship that you never thought existed between himself and said person who came to his aid. It was a wholesome moment as well when this is not something which Subaru is used to. So his reaction was fitting for someone who realized that he really hasn’t failed reaching certain people.

Overall, things took a very different turn from the events of last week’s episode. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Eugene” opened Subaru up to many new possibilities for what could go either right or wrong in a place like Sanctuary. Especially when he is not full aware of what everyone wants out of the role he, Emilia, and Roswaal play in completing these trials to free the people of this town.

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