Fire Force “Smoldering Malevolence” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “Smoldering Malevolence”! So far, to say that this is a land of new possibilities has been quite the understatement. Talking animals, an impossible forest in the middle of desolate land, not to mention a whole horde of infernals which have not been put to rest in years. That is a lot to take in, and yet they gave us the impression that there is much more for us to look forward to as this investigative team pushes for more information.

From the start of this episode, they jumped right into where things ended last week. Though with that said, they also quickly cranked the dial of the intensity to this situation too. It took no time at all for this team to graduate from fighting infernal dogs to actual infernals. But these were no ordinary infernals, and that was what made this a unique situation. It shook things up that they would find themselves dealing with infernals who were not just the average troublemaker rampaging though a city. This time around they were able to think on their own, and better yet were working according to a plan. All around a refreshing experience. In turn we got a very good action scene between them and the fire soldiers. They might not all be heavy hitters, but they were all capable in their own right. It was here that we also could see why this team in particular was put together wisely. We already knew that most of them have a history together, though  it was now that we were able to see that through their dynamic and ability to have each other’s backs.

Where this led to was excellent because I think it would have been too easy to simply say that this intrusion on the land of the Oasis was due to the Evangelist. To an extent, that is still the case. However, there was much more to what we were seeing than what was on the surface. This situation right here was created from the Cataclysm and dragged all the way into the present. Not only this, but the person behind this intrusion had a more clear motivation than anyone else who is tied to the Evangelist.

This episode right here had a lot packed into it as well, information-wise. The one thing that I love most about Fire Force is that they do not beat around the bush when it comes to getting to the point of something. This team journeyed to the Chinese Peninsula to investigate the Adolla Burst in that region, and there was no reason that we would walk away from an arc like this without some big developments. They did not disappoint there once it came time for the mole and the crow to explain just how they came to be, as well as how the Oasis came to be. This was a story which even surprised me because I did not think they would go that far back to explain things. I assumed that what we knew about the possibilities was just something we had to simply just know. Yet here they were taking a step further to present depth to even show us who was behind the restoration of this forest and activation of the Amaterasu-like fire. This also helped us to understand what made the animals so desperate to get their land back. Their motivation ran much deeper than we knew.

Aside from this, it was great to see these fire soldiers rise to the challenge of what they were faced with. There was no way that this was just going to be an investigation, but everything came down to how they would change the mission. It had to make sense for them, and it had to be important enough that they wouldn’t turned around and not feel guilt for what might happen if they ignored what they discovered.

Overall, Fire Force “Smoldering Malevolence” took us much deeper than where you expected this investigation to go. Credit where it is due that this story continued to prove to be more complex than how simple it first seemed. Again, to say that this is a land of new possibilities has been quite the understatement.

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