Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “The Missing Half of the Moon” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “The Missing Half of the Moon”! By the title of this episode, it seems my long wait had ended. If you’ve read my past reviews, then you know that I have been crushed by the fact that we have not seen much from either Takumi Aldini or Megumi since the BLUE started. And it’s not that we haven’t seen much of them, it’s that we haven’t seen much of them in action. Though it seems that we have now reached a point where that would begin to change.

This change starts with seeing Takumi Aldini in action against a member of NOIR himself. I was looking forward to this because I believe we had not truly seen them focus on the growth he has gone through since the end of the Fourth Plate. We know that this class of chefs have spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen and accepting al sorts of challenges. Though this was the time when we got to see the fruits of such labor in a real challenge. That said, I was shocked by the stipulation chosen for his match-up. Unlike the previous two, this one right here was more fitting to the chefs. It required both chefs to work in teams, and of course the dish was something which was right up their alley. Takumi’s especially, given his background. This was Takumi in an area where he felt most comfortable, and the same could be said for his opponent. They were pretty much on even ground, which made for an exciting match from start to finish.

Now of course in NOIR fashion, it didn’t take long to figure out what made this guy so special. Not only did he have a unique instrument like the others, he also had his own support in the kitchen. This was actually where things got weird. Not just for the fact that he had so many people helping him, but for the fact that these were all women who were very built. They just did not seem like they fit in a kitchen environment. Yet you couldn’t really argue with their placing considering what they were making, and how he used these numbers to his benefit to make something unheard of when it came to amuse-bouche.

Though let me not stop there, because that wasn’t the only surprise this guy had in store for us and Takumi. As you could see from the promotional images and preview, it was obvious that Takumi was going to choose his brother to support him, but that wasn’t going to be the guy who actually helped him in this challenge. How this came to be was clever for the timing of the kidnapping, though all the same worked just fine in the end. That responsibility fell to none other than Soma. This was shocking at first, since on the surface it seemed as though these two did not share compatible styles in the kitchen. However, that was where they rewarded us for being patient to get Takumi’s story. One which emphasized all the time between the last season and this one where these two constantly kept challenging one another. In turn creating an understanding of one another which made it more than possible for Soma to step in for Isami.

From there, let’s jump right into their creations and the judging. That was where things got very interesting. They both made something similar, though the twist came when revealing the approach each would take to their dish.One of them went for something safe in terms of being sweet. While the other one was bold in choosing to go with something which held more zest. Their dishes were so contrasting, though it came down to execution and the dynamic of flavors.

All in all, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “The Missing Half of the Moon” satisfied me for giving us the Aldini episode I have been longing for since the BLUE first kicked off. Now it’s time for them to do the same for Megumi, and hopefully next week.

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