Digimon Adventure “Lilymon Blooms” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “Lilymon Blooms”! In other words, another Mimi/Palmon focused episode which I had big expectations for. And why shouldn’t I? Mimi grew into an excellent character in the series back then, but that involved getting over some very troubling habits and cliches which once made her writing tiresome.

When it came to this week’s episode, I was definitely a bit hesitant about them throwing Mimi into a side adventure. For all that has been done right with Mimi up to this point, there is no denying where things could easily go wrong if the writers decided that she should now begin to take steps back. You know, running into danger and allowing herself to be the center of attention because she’s used to being pampered. So with that said, I was surprised by how this actually turned out. She fell down that hole, but the first thing she did wasn’t panic or do anything remotely similar to who she was in the original series. She pushed forward, ran into trouble, confronted the Digimon in her way, and really held it together in the most wholesome way possible for someone like her. I know that there will be some out there who believe maybe it is too early for Mimi to be showing such sincerity to Palmon, or even other Digimon who she has only just met. However, that is what we would have expected from her once before. To shake things up, you have to go that extra mile to show what happens when something genuine is earned, instead of given.

I’m not going to lie, they made me feel some sort of way when it came to how Mimi reached that peak level of sincerity for Palmon to Digivolve. They gave Mimi something good, which as I said she earned, and then they pulled the rug from under her feet. I don’t think there could have been a better way to light that fire within her, or even challenge her resolve towards being a part of this fight.

Which brings us to the main reason as to why this one right here is definitely one of my favorite episodes so far. There has been so much to love abut the writing for these characters in the reboot, and it starts with their characterization. Obviously Mimi was going to run into some trouble on her own, but it said so much that she was able to handle this situation like someone who had fully accepted her call to action. If there was anyone who was going to crumble under such circumstances, it would have been Mimi. Yet that would have been too easy. I think it mattered to get this version of Mimi, who enters the Digital World with a big heart. She cares about doing what needs to be done for her world, and she cares about what happens within the Digital World too. They did not fail to drive this point home once whether it was the way she interacted with this random ally of hers or how she felt when the stakes in this world were made very real to her.

Now so that I’m not just talking about Mimi, let’s switch things up to Palmon too. At the same time it benefits Palmon to have a Mimi who is more caring and sincere off the bat. This allows more much more appreciation when it comes to Palmon stepping up to the plate in her own way. I never got around to it last week, but specifically I thought it was great seeing more of Palmon making use of her vine-like fingers. She’s so much more resourceful than she was before too. I would even dare to say more formidable as well, particularly when digivolved into Togemon.

That said, making the corrupted Digimon Andromon was a good choice. There was a lot of ultimate Digimon they could have chosen, but there is none who could strike more fear than Andromon in action. What I liked personally was seeing Andromon doing much more than he was allowed previously. There are so many attacks that he has, and they made use of all of them to present a real danger to Mimi and Palmon. Physically he was strong, and was not lacking in the firepower department either. How he was beaten by Lilymon? That was actually creative. Where most confrontations were pretty hands-on, she took a different approach towards overcoming the power of Andromon. Visually it was stunning too, because she definitely used an attack which had a much different result than what we are used to.

Overall, Digimon Adventure “Lilymon Blooms” was another standout episode for everything they are still doing right with these characters, and I do hope they keep this train going with the rest of these DigiDestined.

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