The God of High School “close/friend” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “close/friend”! Let’s call it how it was, “anima/force” last week was a lot to take in. Not a problem in that either, because you have to love a series with momentum. They really wasted little time establishing that the stakes are real inside of the ring and out.

Considering the kind of episode last week’s turned out to be, I thought it was fitting that this week they would take a step back to better address what this all means moving forward. Firstly, that last match certainly set things straight about what we should expect from the rest of the tournament. Specifically when it comes to how far these higher ups are willing to go in order to find this so-called key. It says something when two times now they have been willing to allow fighters who would kill their opponents in the ring, and in front of a live audience. Even after what happened last week, and what is still a problem now with NOX, it makes you wonder just who the bad guys actually are. I know I want to know, because that answer is way up in the air right now.

With that said, there was still one fight to enjoy from this episode. Of course this one would highlight the one other character who seems important to this tournament. I was impressed with this one because he offered a very different style of fighting in contrast to some of the others we have seen so far. A dead style of fighting as others call it, yet at the same time very unique for the ways that the style has been modified to a whole different level. Now where things got interesting with Park was outside of the ring, considering there was when we would discover what makes him tick. I liked seeing that there was someone else out there who is somewhat like Mori. There for the thrill of the fight, and somehow shockingly inspired by the same person for stepping into this world the way that he has. I for one want to see more of Park just so I can see where this nine tails ability also kicks in.

Now how we came to understand the title of this episode was endearing. On of the draw-ins for me has been seeing how this trio comes closer through their pursuits, and the sharing of something they all love to do. Up to this point we have seen how they connect with Daewi, and we have seen how they connect with Mira. And in both cases it was mostly Mori who was reaching out to them. So it was definitely about time that we could see what happens when it is Daewi and Mira who do the reaching out to Mori. Especially when they catch him at a time where he is at his most vulnerable.

It was a great time too, for the fact that right now they have chosen to begin digging into the mystery that is Mori’s grandfather. I think for those of us who haven’t read the webtoon, it is a point of interest to want to know exactly what happened there that they would be separated. I think we all want to know what kind of enemy is powerful enough to subdue him. That is for someone who seems so hyped up for the kind of power he wields.

Aside from this, they made sure there was progress with the commissioner of the tournament, and they did this side by side with what was unfolding with NOX. One of the bigger takeaways from this episode was knowing that whatever we saw last week was going to just be a warm-up in comparison to what was abut to evolve into a true war. As I said above, my investment lies with finding out just who has the better vision for the world between the people who want to borrow power from the gods, and the ones who think that should not be a thing.

Overall, there was some big wheels turning in The God of High School “close/friend”, which should keep many of us coming back for more. You come for the action, though it’s the story which keeps you genuinely invested. Without that, these are just a bunch of people fighting for no reason at all.

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