Black Clover “A Favor for Julius” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 140, “A Favor for Julius”! With this week’s episode, I was happy when I read the title to see that the attention was being shifted to Julius. For as much as we love the Black Bulls, they aren’t the only ones who should have as story to tell during this period of time. For even Julius, there should be something to explore as someone who sits at the top of this plan to go to war against the demon.

Now the big question here was wondering what kind of favor Julius would need to ask of someone. They have pretty much made it clear that as long as he is trapped in a teen’s body with limited magic, there is not much that he can do aside from his duties as the Wizard King. So it only made sense that if there was something he needed to do, he would have to begin turning to others to do it. Not a bad time to emphasize this if you ask me. If Julius was at the height of his powers, there wouldn’t have been much need for him to send others out to do something he could easily accomplish on his own. However, for the sake of growth, it mattered that he would be more open-minded to what helps the Kingdom best by allowing others to do the same work he has done by himself. That is how you teach the others what it means to be Magic Knights, because I do believe that part of the problem has always been a lack of Julius being enough of a guide for the kind of work they should be doing. And the kind of views they should represent.

Which brings us to the surprise that is sending Nozel and Fuegoleon to a far out village to investigate a problem. Off the bat, you could call it bold that he would even make these two work together. It’s not as if they are enemies or hate each other, but two captain investigating something which seems so minor? This would make you think that they would create more problems themselves than actually help anyone. And that is what made this experience such a surprise, because everything about their interaction with this village was them proving just how much they have grown as individuals. Of course this is not to say that there was any reason to doubt Fuegoleon. This is one of the most exemplary Magic Knights who knows what it means to look out for the citizens. I loved that despite needing to be undercover, this did not stop him from seeing other people in need and risking everything just to do something for them that no one has ever done before.

As for Nozel, it was worth seeing a side to him that was more humane towards people who aren’t of noble blood. If this was him before Asta and all that other craziness, he would not have treated these villagers very well. Everything about his demeanor and actions would have been very cold. You probably would have feared for the safety of these villagers. So it mattered following this version of Nozel who sees the world through a brighter lens. He’s not the bleeding-heart that Fuegoleon is, but he is neither the kind of guy who would turn away from people in need anymore.

The best takeaway from this episode was seeing what more needed to be addressed from the conflict with the elves. Up to this point, it was easy to assume that everything was taken care of when that war came to a close. Though obviously we were only seeing things from the perspective of the capital city. It was fitting that they would take at least one episode to make the statement that there were definitely places neglected during that period of repairs.

Aside from this, I thought it was fun that they decided to bring back Sally to help with preparations for war against the Demon. In my opinion, she was always one worth getting back to because behind all of the craziness, there was still someone to reach which we were able to see through her interactions with the Black Bulls. Now I wasn’t too shocked that despite this she still found herself going crazy. How could she not? When you have that kind of passion for science, you are going to jump right into it. I think it was the Black Bulls’ reaction to her which created the entertainment as well. They knew what to expect from her more than most and knew they had to make her work for her research. That said, I enjoyed the sincerity to her running into Asta again. It says a lot when he is able to reach someone like her who at first seemed too far gone.

Overall, Black Clover “A Favor for Julius” gives us a brighter future to look forward to when you have squad captains like Nozel and Fuegoleon who realize what they are fighter for as Magic Knights. Every life matters, and it never hurts to look out for the people in the smaller villages. Aside from that, it was fun for some Black Bulls shenanigans. Which was a refreshing break from their training.

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