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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #8! With everything going on at DC, it hit hard when the news broke that Suicide Squad was one of those books which were coming to an end. This has been one of the BEST runs yet, and it had one thing going for it where other runs didn’t match up. This book was approached with a plan in mind. One which saw a beginning, and a definite end. That is more than you could ask of any mainstream book these days. So I was still excited to see where this final arc would take us. Especially since this is all leading to the end of one of our most cherished members.

As this issue kicked off, the anticipation was in wondering what came next for these guys. Escaping from Belle Reve was only ever going to be a step towards freedom, or a step towards the main goal of The Revolutionaries. Now they all know that the only way that anyone gets what they want, is to kill the guy at the top. In other words, Ted Kord. Yeah, that same Ted Kord who we all once knew as the second Blue Beetle. Though we’ll get to that later, right now I wanted to talk about how different the atmosphere had changed since they rescued Floyd and his family from his would-be killers. When we jumped into this issue, it was a very different atmosphere than when things first began with Task Force X and The Revolutionaries. There’s lighter interactions, micxed with some seriousness, though all the same there was still that mindset everyone was in where there was a job that needed to get done, an

Now considering how popular Wink and The Aerie have become as new characters in this book, and even appearing in DCeased, it was only fitting that one of these final issues would be the one where they decided to explain how these two came into the powers they have now. One does not simply wake up one day and be able to teleport, or sprout wings which can fly at supersonic speeds. There was an explanation for it all, and I for one was satisfied with what was explained to us. It was a cool scene for the display of power, but it was also sad for the price that was paid in turn. For Wink and The Aerie to have joined The Revolutionaries, there had to be something which they experienced that did not sit right with them about the world. By the end of this issue we knew, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Though that’s not to say that it was worth it in terms of the experience we would have to endure. That said, despite everything unfortunate which Wink and The Aerie went through at the hands of their captors, a lot of dots began connecting which were certainly unexpected from their story. It was at this point where it became much easier to understand that everything here connects one way or another. Even how they all ended up here by going through Task Force X.

For this issue specifically, I loved the character focus from Daniel Sampere. His pencil work has been amazing because of the life that he has been able to breathe into these characters. For an issue which focused on Wink and The Aerie as well? Not once did he fail to make use of close-up shots to really elevate the heart these two bring to the story. If their expressions weren’t so captivating, it was always the dynamic of their powers too. And I wouldn’t say the engagement from the characters ended there either. Throughout the issue, Sampere did a great job of playing into their alignments whether it was the goofiness of Harley, or that bastard glare which Ted Kord (in this story at least) tends to give. Aside from this, the color work from Adriano Lucas was excellent too. With a book like Suicide Squad, you aren’t always used to colors which are so bold and vibrant. Yet it does a lot for the story when putting you right in the moment. And don’t get me started on the gorgeousness of the scenery either. Lucas in my opinion never once let’s the opportunity slip by to make the environment and settings as a whole grab your attention.

Overall, another standout issues of Suicide Squad as the final stretch of their mission is underway. They know their target, and they know what he wants. Though the best takeaway was without a doubt finally getting an origin story for Wink and The Aerie.

Suicide Squad #8




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