Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “The Value of Life” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “The Value of Life”! Talk about walking a different path. This new season they have been nailing it, because there was so much expectation about what was about to unfold in the Sanctuary, and so much of it has been shattering. This was more than just completing the trials, more than saving the friends left at the mansion, and more than the politics of the Sanctuary.

By the time we got around to this episode? I had little idea of what was in store for us at this point. As someone who is only watching the anime of Re:Zero, this just left me with what is happening in the moment to go off of. And what I knew after last week’s episode was that Garfield was going to be the next big obstacle for Subaru to face. Though before we got to that, there was an admirable scene which Subaru took advantage of given the information he now has about Beatrice. I loved how Subaru has grown to a point where when he Returns by Death, he knows exactly what he needs to do next in order to change his outcome. Confronting Roswaal was the next best thing for him to do. And it helped that this time around Subaru was in a better headspace to also ask the hard-hitting questions without allowing himself to be played. Roswaal has always had one good thing going for him aside from his power. That is his ability to talk, though there was no better time than now for Subaru to understand this and approach him from a different angle. Not to mention with more authority as someone who sees through the shenanigans.

That said, this brought us back to Subaru, Otto, and Ram. That was where things got horrifying. From the minute we got a look at a pissed off Garfield, the game had once more changed. And not in favor of Subaru and company. They really wasted no time either when it came to setting off this bomb. After everything we have seen so far which characterizes Garfield, it was easy to assume that he was not the kind of guy who talks. Which is not to say they wouldn’t have tried to talk Garfield down, but this was apparently that time where Garfield would show his true colors. And show his true colors he did. I even hope I wasn’t the only one who thought that he was going to be more like his sister. The revelation of what he actually was floored me. Mainly because just like that all you knew was that this life was already done for. The bodies hit the floor and it was a bloody mess.

I wasn’t even ready for what came after the escape. That **** hit completely from left field. I think this death was probably one of the most gruesome for Subaru yet, and it was hard not to see it as shock value. If their plan was to force Subaru into a breaking-point? Then congrats! They got him there with flying limbs.

Now after last week’s episode, there was much more to appreciate about the role which Otto now plays in this story. Once before, he was a character who you wouldn’t have thought twice about. He was the source of travel, and even some light-humor since there wasn’t much he could offer outside of passage from A to B. This situation here was perfect for showcasing that there is actually much more to him than what we see on the surface. He has a heart, he knows how to win people over, and most importantly he is someone who you know you can rely on if you are a friend. Unfortunately for Otto, it doesn’t always pay to be friends with Subaru. The lengths he went to in order to save Subaru from Garfield was enough to bring you to tears, if possible. It pretty much did for me.

The other shocker this week was the second invitation which Subaru got from a certain someone. This part right here almost left me in tears because Subaru was offered an opportunity which he has been denied of since the first episode. Nevermind all of the questions he was finally able to have answered, and the favor of Echinda that he has been able to claim. That stuff we can stew on later. Though what breaks you was the opportunity Subaru was given to be open about his situation to someone. For all of the optimism that he has surprisingly been able to hold onto since this second season began, everyone has their limits for the kind of experiences he goes through. It mattered that Subaru was able to be vulnerable again with so many obstacles giving him little hope of saving everyone. That said, it does make me wonder when the suspense will end for us encountering this friendly witch.

Overall, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “The Value of Life” is the kind of episode which can leave you a mess if your guard is not up. For better or for worse, this is what we’re here for.

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