Fire Force “The Core” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “The Core”! And just like that the mission has changed for these fire soldiers. Not that this was ever going to just be an investigation, because have you met these youngsters? Not the type who are going to run into trouble and turn the other way. Though it’s also safe to say that this enemy is not the type you run into with the option to retreat.

So far, this episode might be my favorite of this new arc. I hate to say that the best parts are the action, but it really is for Fire Force. Everything about this part here was thrilling because these fire soldiers here will face no greater challenge than taking on an infernal whose power level is demon. At some point this would all come down to Shinra reaching that power needed to take Tempeh down, but until then, this was the others’ time to shine. They didn’t disappoint either. Especially not Ogun who showing all of us why he was the character to get hyped for more than anyone else in this arc. I for one enjoyed seeing what his unique ability was last week, but even then it felt like there needed to be more to him.

This episode right here was everything we wanted to see from Ogun and more. I was definitely taken back by the reveal of his true power for the fact that his abilities are so contrasting between the way it boosts his attributes and allows him to travel better than most. I think there might even be some shook by the amount of power he unleashed that was still not enough to handle this infernal on his own. The quality of the animation made the biggest difference here considering the effort that went into the smoothness of his actions, and the increase in vibrancy of his flames. Even the angles of perspective also improved just for that scene.

It does go without saying that it was appreciated seeing more from Tamaki and Noto in action. There was some concern about what they had to offer here, and fortunately they weren’t just there to stand around. One might argue that Tamaki being there for the prayers was important, but personally I still don’t see it that way.

My only issue was with how long they dragged things out for Shinra. As I said above, obviously Shinra was going to have to get to a level where he could beat a demon infernal. However, that can only happen if he has the power of grace on his side. Which he did not. Though we all knew where this had to come from, but at the same time they took their sweet time getting Sihnra to that conclusion too. This wasn’t something which took a genius like Lich to realize. Though at the very least he figured things out by the end of the episode, and did give us some clarity as to how this Oasis has been possible all of these years.

That said, it was interesting seeing things from the perspective of Lich and Arthur. They of course kept things investigative, and through their discoveries created a clearer picture of what they were dealing with here. In fact, they created a better understanding of how these great flames work. I surely was not prepared for the answer as it definitely raises a major question about the location of the Evangelist.

Overall, this was a satisfyingly action-packed episode of Fire Force. The best takeaway was knowing that Ogun meets the hype, and what truly lies in “The Core” of the Tabernacle.

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