Digimon Adventure “Garudamon of the Crimson Wings” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “Garudamon of the Crimson Wings”! Last week’s episode of Digimon was one of those which really leaves you wondering how they are going to top it. The emotion poured into it felt like something that couldn’t be topped. Though with that said, it didn’t take much to see that this would be Sora and Piyomon’s episode. This one I very much looked forward to because since her first introduction, Sora has been nothing short of heartwarming.

Some might say that Sora has been written into a box where she is that bleeding heart in every new encounter, though I think this is very important for the series. Digimon for the most part is written to be an adventure story, but a lot of elements tend to be shared with an isekai. And when it comes to isekai, it goes without saying that sometimes it is rare to run into one where the person cares that much about the world around them and the people within it. Especially when that care for the world around them is something seen from the very start. Beyond what needs to be done to save their world, these DigiDesined have been given little reason to fight for anyone who isn’t their own Digimon. So it makes a big difference when you have that one whose moral compass is pointed in the right direction always.

In the case of where Yamato’s group continued their journey, I enjoyed where they found themselves this time around. At this stage in Digimon Adventure, it is important that we are seeing much more that actually makes this a new experience. That starts with the main characters and approach to the plot, and it ends with everything else which takes advantage of what the Digital World has to offer. This situation with the swarm of Funbeemon fleeing from an army of Waspmon being led by the fortress-like CannonBeemon? For me, that was something entirely new as these were Digimon I have never seen before. CannonBeemon specifically too, because I thought we had seen everything till this thing dropped from the sky. I would honestly love to see a size comparison of this monstrosity next to other ultimate Digimon. That said, this was also a refreshing experience for the fact that it is not often that the problem is indirect. Most times the corrupted Digimon is activated and sent after the DigiDestined, yet for this episode this corrupted Digimon was simply a problem for other Digimon. They could have easily gone on their way and avoided a confrontation entirely.

Though that would not be Sora or Piyomon. Both of them really went out of their way to save these Funbeemon from their captors. What made this situation so fitting for the two of them was that once more the most valued ability was being able to fly. I don’t think they have ever played to this strength for Piyomon like this before, and it showed in contrast to the original run. The convenience is undeniable too. Now where this episode differed from the others, was how Piyomon found the power to digivolve into Garudamon. There wasn’t entirely too much build-up to this transformation, though at the same time it is hard to deny that there isn’t too much you can do to push the power of compassion. All you have to do is simply care enough for someone else.

Despite the focus being placed on Sora primarily, I was very impressed with what we got out of Yamato. You can tell that he is slowly growing just from his interactions with Sora. If he was grouped up with anyone else, I’m pretty sure he would still be looking at every innocent Digimon as a statistic, rather than someone to go out of his way to help. Though with Sora, he went the distance to do what was right. The Yamato in the original series would have been much harder to break. In fact, he wouldn’t have been there at all to even know Sora or anyone else needed help. Aside from Yamato, I do have to hand it to Joe as well. His time is yet to come, but for now he is much more than the DigiDestined who it used to take a lot to spring into action. Sometimes his cowardice could become boring very fast.

Overall, it was a satisfying episode of Digimon Adventure which led to the introduction of “Garudamon of the Crimson Wings”. I hope this episode right here is the start of seeing more adventures where different Digimon are used who aren’t normally used as enemies.

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