The God of High School “curse/cornered” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “curse/cornered”! With the previous episode more focused on progressing the story and the plot, it only made sense that this week the focus would shift more towards the action.

This week’s match was exhilarating! With Daewi still suspended, this only left Mira and Mori to fight the next round and win consecutively. Sounds hard, right? Well of course it was when there was a surprise obstacle that team Seoul would have to deal with. The past couple of weeks we have seen just how dirty NOX is willing to play when they make their move. What they have done now was just as bold too. Leaving Mori with a photo of his grandfather Taejin detained, and forcing him to rush out to the place of confinement? That is one way to remove someone from the picture who would get in the way.

And how they did so when Mori got there was pretty crazy. This was obviously a trap, but the big question was what kind of trap he would run into once getting there. That was where things got creative, because it would have to be one heck of a trap to put Mori down. Th trap did not disappoint, and neither did the power of the person who set up the trap. Though from there you were left wondering how Mori was going to get out of this, and back to the arena in time. And that was where the excitement struck! The wait for a real fight from Mori was worth it for what was a rare instance of him fighting while angry. I mean talk about a brutal beating. The choreography of the fight was brilliant, and I loved the impact of every strike which hit with such precision. Things even got explosive, which is a word I never thought I would use with Mori.

With that said, this situation left Mira to fight on her own for the better part of the episode. This I didn’t mind for the fact that this was a big moment for her. You have to appreciate every scene she gets which aims to elevate her as the female lead of this series. I think we all had our worries about how she sized up to the other two, but this episode right here changed things. Once more I was stunned by the strength she possessed. Especially when she is taking on opponents who fight well outside of her weight class. One would have thought this to be a match she couldn’t win, yet not once did they waste the opportunity to capture the skill she has both with her sword and without it. Even her agility and resilience was something to admire.

Though what truly grabs your attention is the limits she was pushed to in this match. The kind of power Mira tapped into was both awesome and fitting for her. Knowing that her opponent was going to use her own sword against her made it seem like the odds were not going to be in her favor, but it was also a great time to reveal what kind of power was once in her possession that she didn’t fully understand.

As for her opponent, Marine, this was definitely one of the more colorful fighters to step into the ring. I was not at all prepared for someone with that much muscle to enter the tournament. Not to mention having all of that muscle on top of being very elusive for his size, and actually relying on a sword.

Aside from this, it was interesting to see just how troublesome that entire team of rowdy fighters really are. I think it was smart that they decided to make the whole team a problem, instead of that one fighter. This raised the danger drastically, and this is definitely for the fact that they are willing to take out the competition outside of the ring too. Really makes you wonder when they will reach that point where they have crossed the line once too many times.

Overall, The God of High School “curse/cornered” turned out to be another action-packed spectacle. This was an excellent episode for anyone who is a fan of Mira, and just as much an episode for anyone who has ever wanted to see just what kind of pain Mori can dish out when serious.

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