Black Clover “The Golden Family” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 141, “The Golden Family”! Last week was the best time for this filler arc to begin breaking off to explore what everyone else has gotten themselves into during this time. I know that we all want to see more of the Black Bulls and how they improve, but it is apparent at this point that their main objective is to give us a taste of the kind of growth they will experience. The result is just something we’re going to have to wait for once the six month period is up.

Turning the story over to the Golden Dawn was an interesting change of pace, though one we were going to get around to eventually. Specifically for the fact that there’s no way you can address everyone progressing and not get back to Yuno. In fact, focusing on the Golden Dawn in general is a great move because these are the guys who have gone through the most change in the series. When you think of nobles who look down on anyone of a lower status, the first squad to come to mind would be the Golden Dawn. This was a great time to get reacquainted with some of them after having their eyes opened to their behavior. So with that said, I found myself very impressed with most of them and the new demeanor they carry. Its a huge improvement over what was usually so smug about a majority of them. Especially when it came to the way they viewed Yuno. Sure, Yuno had never done much to give anyone a reason to like him, but it also never meant that you needed to see such hostility shown towards someone who has surpassed most of them in many ways between power and leadership skills.

Which brings us to that one member of the squad who still seemed like they had a way to go. The focus on Alecdora of the Golden Dawn in particular was a bold choice for this. I hate to be that guy, but this character has probably been one of the most forgettable in the series, so I was surprised when he ended up being the one who we were giving our attention to. For the better part of the episode you’re probably going to dislike him and wish he went away. However, it was hard to overlook the endgame they were trying to create for someone who was allowing himself to be entirely consumed by his need to be better than someone in his own squad. That only holds you back, and they threw him in the right situation to understand that.

That said, the plot for this episode was great. Starting with taking us back to a village we have been to before. Another great example of how the state of the Magic Knights has continued evolving. They are looking after the smaller villages more, and connecting with them much better too. Though what outshines this is the introduction to a new dungeon. The difference this time around is that there wasn’t any exploration of one. This was more about getting to the dungeon and jumping right into the action. That didn’t disappoint one bit for the dynamic we got to see from these magic knights in battle. Particularly when it came down to fighting the main enemy at the end who had already gotten his hands on the dangerous item contained within the dungeon. This item was unique, and certainly forced this squad to think outside of the box to overcome the shift in advantage.

Beyond this, I did appreciate seeing more growth from Langris as well. Obviously we had already seen how much he had changed from his current interactions with his brother, but it didn’t hurt to also see this from a position of authority. He now thinks with an open mind that is more favorable of someone who would one day take lead of the Golden Dawn from Vangeance. However, I was still a bit thrown off by the fact that he was still in recovery from an injury.

All in all, Black Clover “The Golden Family” was worthwhile for a brighter light which has been shined on the Golden Dawn. They are now a much more respectable squad and on the right path towards getting to where they needed to be when it is time to strike the Diamond Kingdom. I should also mention, the new OP for this arc was brilliant. “Shine Like a Diamond” was right on the money, and put the focus on the captains which is refreshing. If that is what we have to look forward to from the episodes to come, I am definitely all in.

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