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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DCeased: Dead Planet #3! All in all, a solid transition into the second issue for DCeased: Dead Planet. If there was one thing we knew by the end of this issue, it was that they were jumping into this with momentum and execution. There’s no time to slow down when the stakes have been set so high from the start.

After what happened in the issue before, it was only right that this issue jumped right into the aftermath of what team magic encountered at the source of The Green’s pain. It was one hell of a shocker that the anti-life equation could be such a formidable force to use the likes of Plastic Man in such a way to bring powerful heroes to their knees. This joke hero that you rarely could take seriously was turned into a mass of death of carnage. I quickly wondered myself how these guys, the ones who are left, were going to get out of this situation. The answer to that was pretty simple, and I couldn’t argue with the pacing either towards handling this obstacle. For everything deadly that I’m sure this creative team wants to expose us and these survivors to, there is still a story that they are trying to tell within the span of seven issues.

So with that said, this brought us back to the continued investigation of this second garden. Who they ran into here was both a shock, and not too shocking. When you think of an apocaplypse, you also consider everyone who should be able to survive with the right resources. And obviously the first thing that comes to mind is the rich. Though it’s not enough to just say the rich, as I was definitely caught off guard by who those rich were exactly. At that point, you most certainly knew that there had to have been something shady going on to explain the existence of this second garden, or why The Green would be in pain. The reason for that? That managed to catch me off guard, though it was without a doubt the brand of the rich people who made this garden a possibility. Now the best takeaway from this investigation was the tease for what this means moving forward. It’s hard to say that through this issue we actually discovered anything that would fundamentally change everything, but we did close this chapter knowing that things were about to get loud. The living and beyond are not going to fade away without putting up a fight.

What surprised me was that there was still time to take us back to Ivy’s Garden to catch-up with Jon’s situation. When he first had that sword plunged through him? I really thought that Tom Taylor was just being that bold right now to kill him off. Though it didn’t take long to see that he wasn’t ready yet to pull the plug. Which wasn’t a bad thing either, because it seemed as though there was a larger plan a play here. One which was being set in motion now that the returned heroes have had their opportunity to better understand the situation on Earth after these past five years.

I’m not going to lie, I love the fact that so much of the heroism going on right now is being led by Constantine of all people. If this was anyone else writing a story like this? They would not have chanced allowing characters outside of the trinity or A-List to lead.

For this issue of Dead Planet, the art team did some great work given so much that went on within these pages. There was magic, action, though shockingly not much death as you would have expected. Though I’m not going to argue with that either considering with an art team like this, sometimes it is best to step on the brakes to allow them to focus on just the characters and the drama of the story. While not the easiest with Hairsine’s style of penciling, he definitely did the best that he could with these characters. Especially those who were put in positions where they were at their most aggressive. Aside from this, the art team did continue to do solid work with the settings. Even with this issue there was enough to marvel at between the location of this second garden in Australia, and the interiors of the bunker where the other survivors took shelter from the unliving.

In the end, DCeased: Dead Planet #3 added a lot of clarity to what we should expect from this story. It’s not just the unliving that these heroes are going to have to worry about, and apparently not all the answers are going to be found on Earth.

DCeased: Dead Planet #3




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