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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Terrifics #30! Never a dull day for this team. Everything they have built being torn apart right before their eyes, finding out that yet another Stagg is at the source of their troubles, with the help of one Lobo too. Then the icing on the cake being that Silas Stone of course would do what he does best to save his own skin. Shocker? I think not. Though it did make you wonder how the Terrifics were going to bounce back from a situation which seemed well out of their control.

I mean, how does one rescue themself from from the cold vacuum of space, while put out of commission at the same time? It seemed like they were all done for, but it seemed that there was one thing that was conveniently neglected by Staggatron. Personally I enjoyed the fact that they hyped up something that would make it seem like Mr. Terrific was going to save everyone, but it was really someone else who doesn’t always get the opportunity to shine the way she did. This was a crucial scene to me, because since the cast of this book expanded, it was always a concern of mine that certain characters would easily find themselves fallen to the background. When there’s only so many issues left of this book, now would have been the worst time to begin losing what was so familiar and integral to the book we became invested in initially.

Now as the villain, the difference between Sebastian Stagg and the rest of the family has been a refreshing change of pace. I remember when this first began, I wasn’t all too into what was unfolding because it’s not as if we haven’t seen our fair share of hostile takeovers by family members who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was bold to decide that Sebastian Stagg would drop into his sister’s life again, only to reveal himself to be a thief who is solely looking to steal his family’s money, yet it works. Well, if only it actually stopped at just the family’s money. Unlike his father, he’s also unapologetically evil and has nothing to hide about it. This worked great with what plans he had next after supposedly taking out the heroes was clever. You would think that everything else he did to Gateway City was pretty terrifying and so quickly proved that he could still do worse just for the sake of his ambitions.

This brings us to what had to be done to stop Sebastian Stagg who has been taking win after win. I found this part to be very traditional in the way of how a third act comes to its conclusion. Some would say that the villains fell too easily, but isn’t that not always the case? The real question comes down to how. That part satisfied me because this right here was the part where Mr. Terrific took the spotlight. Those few good ideas of his? They were quite brilliant when set in motion. You would have never knew what he was planning till he was done, though at the same time you could say it all happened pretty fast too.

Like usual, impressive work from this art team. The visual appeal of this book’s interiors never ceased to keep your eyes glued to the pages. I’ve said it time and time again, but The Terrifics has always been one of the more gorgeous books from DC. For as many artists who have had a hand in either the covers or the interior work, there was no denying that their work was consistently found to be satisfying. Even for this finale to the story arc, and finale to the series as a whole, this art team jumped into this on their A-game. Especially with so much which was unfolding without these pages. A daring rescue in space, a brawl in Stagg Industries, chaos unleashed upon the streets of Gateway City. The quality of work that went into just the penciling of all of this was excellent. Clean strokes, great perspective, and the art jumped right out at you. As for that last part, you could say the same about the colors too. If there’s one thing to love about Protobunker, it is the energy which comes from the colors. Their full, bold, aim to excite.

As the dramatic conclusion to the fight for Gateway City and for the Stagg fortune, The Terrifics #30 stayed true to everything you loved about this book from issue one. It’s sad to say goodbye to The Terrifics after this issue, but honestly? How often does a book this unique from DC make it to thirty issues? That is something to applaud from this creative team, and everyone who has had a hand in it from day one.

The Terrifics #30




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