Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Love Love Love Love Love Love You” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Love Love Love Love Love Love You”! I’m not going to lie, even a week later I still find myself shaken by everything Subaru went through in his last life. Finding out that Garfield is no half-beast to underestimate (or piss off), losing his friends, and finding himself eaten alive by a mass of rabid rabbits. But then again, that is the madness we have subscribed to having invested in this series.

The big question was what comes next? Obviously Subaru was going to receive a second invitation to the Tea Party, but how this would help Subaru considering all the new changes to his situation was anyone’s guess. So with that said, I enjoyed the way they eased us into the propose of this second invitation. Echidna was as usual a proper host who listened to everything Subaru had to say, and from there gave him insight into what is now unfolding. Not to mention beginning a conversation about the jealousy witch who is the one who empowered Subaru to make him suffer. Though that wasn’t where things ended for Subaru either, because her greatest gift was allowing him to confront the witch who is behind these monsters who have tormented the people of this world for four-hundred years. As you can see from the pictures, this led to a number of introductions to some of the other witches too, and none of them disappointed for the way that they lived up to their names.

Now the explanation of the rabbits did not disappoint. I was both shocked and impressed by what was revealed about their sudden emergence. Some could say it was random, and it definitely was, but I also think it was cool that they would toss in this extra obstacle which is continuing the fight which started the minute Subaru and company decided to kill the White Whale. Not to mention when they also ran into the agents of the Witch of Greed who wanted revenge on the Whale’s slayers. How this new problem will be handled is up in the air, though I for one am looking forward to the lengths these guys will have to go to in order to stop a force which seems unstoppable.

I would say that the best takeaway from this second Tea Party was seeing more growth from Subaru. Some say that the guy is weak, and for the most part he is. However, there is no overlooking the strength it takes to experience what he has experienced and still find within himself to shake it off. To keep finding that determination to move forward is the best power anyone could ask for. Especially when there is not much to you aside from that.

There was one good takeaway for those of us only watching the anime. Whether you read it in a wiki, or maybe heard it from someone who is reading the manga. Not everything is as it seems with Echidna. What you have to love about her writing so far is the fact that she has proven to be every bit the opposite of what you expect from a witch. You think terrifying and uncaring about humans, and yet somehow she has taken enough of an interest in Subaru that her true nature has been concealed. Though it seems like soon that will not be the case, and I’m here for that moment of revelation.

Now the crazy thing about this episode was how once more the path has changed from the last life. Normally this would be a change which Subaru brought on himself, but this time around? They were bold in the decision to shake things up right from the moment where Subaru woke up after his first trial. And as for what he woke up to? That was a crazier surprise for the encounter he had which did not seem possible at this stage in the story. But then again, when has anything been expected from Re:Zero? I for one definitely want to see what happens when Subaru is thrown into the next course of action with no time to prepare.

In the end, this was definitely one of the more insightful episodes of Re:Zero. “Love Love Love Love Love Love You” dropped a lot of answers on our laps, and all of them presented just as many questions in return, because the hard truth is that Subaru and company are going to suffer a lot to survive their many enemies.

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