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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about New Mutants #12! In other words, new story arc time. New Mutants versus the media felt like a natural progression after everything this team has been through so far. Since the nation of Krakoa came to be, their greatest enemy has become the media and every twist and turn which comes from the news trying to vilify them. It was only a matter of time before someone stepped up to tackle this problem.

The best thing about this DOX situation is the way that it reflects the world we live in now. Only this is taken to an extreme. These days people will cry and shout that we shouldn’t be searching for people’s personal information who have done wrong to report them. However, there is a huge difference between putting someone’s information out there who has done wrong, versus outing someone who has done nothing wrong but live their life. In the case of DOX, they are hurting people who have families, who are just kids, even killing some. It was a tough pill to swallow just getting a few key examples, but that is how you drive the point home. That said, the mutant to drive this point home too was the true shocker. You would have expected that to be Magik or maybe even Dani. Though you would not have guessed that it would be Glob of all people who would take this so personally, and this was perfect for him too. I don’t think enough writers put a spotlight on what it must be like for a mutant like him who simply can not pass for human in the slightest. His rage and frustration spoke to everything which is still not perfect about this Dawn of X.

It didn’t even stop there, this right here was his issue. The story told which was never fully told before. I was never the biggest fan of Glob before, but that was only because the effort was never put into giving him a genuine backstory. He was just one of those mutants who was there one minute, and gone the next. It mattered than he now had a platform to be more than just a side character, having Magik be the one to help him through this didn’t hurt either. Growth from Magik is being someone worthy of confiding in.

There was honestly no better time than now to address this problem. The X-Men book, and even X-Force don’t take the time to acknowledge things going on which look small on the surface, yet have major repercussions. New Mutants was the perfect book to choose as the one to see this problem and decide it was not worth overlooking. Because the lives of mutants not living on Krakoa matter too. I even appreciated that before any of this even started, they made sure there was awareness towards the fact that Krakoa easily has the resources to put a stop to an online threat. It is a choice to instead take matters into your own hands to handle things in person.

That aside, I was surprised by the second story which unfolded afterwards. This one bringing another incident full circle involving the monsters which Magma and company encountered in New Mutants #8. Truthfully? I forgot all about what happened there because on the surface it didn’t seem so important in contrast to actual mutant problems which the New Mutants were dealing with. Obviously it seems that this was an important thing to the person whose monsters were killed by both them and the Nova Roma.

What made this issue so exciting was definitely the change in art team as well. This is not to say that the previous was bad or anything, but you could definitely feel a change in atmosphere and appeal from an art team that was able to bring out more of the youthful energy that you expect from this book. This started with the pencils which were clean, smooth, and doing so much for the character focus of this issue. This has been one of the more engaging issues of the run so far, and it showed through the quality which went into the characters as they interacted with each other, and with enemies. The sincerity shared between them, the fury directed at others. Let’s not forget the images which break your heart because you were seeing regular people whose lives were either taken away or ruined because of DOX. If there was one thing which grabbed my attention most? It was definitely the way that Glob was drawn. It is always important that if you are drawing this mutant, that you have a handle of his composition. That you can also go the distance to create emotion through just his eyes and body language, given that he doesn’t have a proper face to show expression. Beyond this, the colors popped, and that really made a big difference when this issue in particular was the New Mutants in a normal setting. The colorist remained the same, and it was good to see that this was one who knows how to adjust to different pencilers.

I gotta say that so far New Mutants #12 is the winner of this run. At least since the direction shifted from the space adventure. This is the kind of story you expected when the New Mutants decided to take the fight to the people who were still making it hard to live in this world peacefully.

New Mutants #12




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