Fire Force “The Woman in Black” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “The Woman in Black”! Things are heating up! And while I say that jokingly, I do mean literally as well considering what we have seen from the latent power Ogun unleashed upon Tempe, and the grace which Shinra has received from The Woman in Black.

Now when it came to the final confrontation between Shinra and Tempe? Obviously this was all going to happen pretty quick. There’s only so much that someone like Shinra can do with a second’s worth of power to put down a demon-level infernal. Yet all the same it was an exhilarating scene because this is the first time that Shinra is using this level of power with a full comprehension of what he is doing when he is both using that kind of speed and power. His moves were precise, and every one hit with impact. You could see instantly that when he jumped into action, he had it in the back of his head that there was no room for anything other than using this power before it was gone.

Though what will catch you off guard is the fact that in the middle of this, there was spare time for Shinra to see what kind of person Tempe was before he was transformed into an infernal. That revelation was a shocker considering he was not at all the kind of person you thought he was beforehand. Neither was he the kind of guy that you would have considered worth saving before or after. It was just the right scene to also set up another reveal which came after the fight was done.

The best takeaway from this episode was an explanation of who The Woman in Black, and the importance of her in contrast to the Evangelist. I was prepared for a lot of things, but certainly not for how deep this explanation got. They went full religious on us, but it was also fitting because of the influence we learned that the Evangelist has had in the way things are now, including the where The Woman in Black finds herself now too. It was very insightful to see that this all goes beyond simple fires and exorcisms. As should be too. I think this story could have only benefited from growing out of that box they initially put themselves into.

That said, the most important takeaway was what came after the completion of the mission. That was where we came to a full understanding of the story we have been told at the beginning of each episode this arc. This part right here I was looking forward to a long time now, because it always felt like there was more to the story of Amaterasu and the Tokyo Empire than what we were seeing on the surface. As they finished the story, all the pieces began to come together, yet at the same time we were able to see where things now did not make sense. The investigation was a success for the fact that with many answers, came just as many important questions asked about the way that this world works, and what is clearly going on behind the scenes that is anything but truthful.

In the end, Fire Force “The Woman in Black” served as a great end to the story arc. Personally I did not expect that this arc would have led to so much revealed about this situation with the Evangelist. They dropped bomb after bomb on our lap, and I loved it. For anyone who was concerned with the pacing of the series, I think this story arc created much more confidence in the direction this story has been taking so far.

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