Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “Surpassing Dad” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma “Surpassing Dad”! It’s down to the wire right now! With Erina falling apart at the seems, it kind of seems like the fate of the cooking world is hanging on the shoulders of Soma.

For this part of the BLUE, I’m sure that there might be a few viewers out there who would have wanted to see what came next for Erina, Soma, and Asahi as they moved up in the brackets, but after what occurred last week? I don’t think there was much reason to drag things out longer than they needed to be. Once Tsukasa, Megumi, and Takumi were eliminated, that was it for any match that we needed to see play out fully. There wasn’t much that we needed to see from the other members of NOIR, because I’m pretty sure things would have only gotten more ridiculous if we saw more from them. It showed that there was a good sense of pacing that everything after the matches last week were sped through.

This got us right right where we needed to be for the big battle to occur between Soma and Asahi. It was a given that Erina was going to make it to the end of her bracket, which just left these two facing off in one of the most important matches of the BLUE. The build-up was certainly intense because there was this uneasiness following Soma, while there was nothing but confidence pouring out of Asahi who seemed so confident that he was already going to win this. When the match begun, they pulled no punches with the dish that they would have to put together. It seemed so impossible, and yet it made sense that it would have to be considering the kind of food the chef would have to be capable of creating if they wanted to make food for Mana. From there, things only got a touch predictable as the opponent, in this case Asahi, did just as everyone else would do. Jumped right into making his dish and setting the bar for the effort which Soma would have to put into his dish. Most of Soma’s part in this was just figuring things out.

If there was one thing which definitely grabbed my attention in this episode, it was just about everything about Asahi. Of course there will be some out there who think that this is a cool protagonist, but at the end of the day? He’s just like any other enemy who mimics his opponents skills. And to the extremes that he is able to mimic the skills and techniques of other chefs? I’m glad that they did not fail to address just how ridiculous it is from his perspective as well. To be that confident in only being skilled because he can do what someone else does better? Part of you can see where this story is going to end for the guy already. Beyond this, I did appreciate that they took the time to add more clarity to how personal this match is for Asahi. He had his own clear goals for winning in the end, but there is no denying what he gets from defeating Soma in the BLUE.

That aside, the main attraction for this episode was finally getting a clear story to Soma mom and Joichiro’s wife. I was very excited to finally see what kind of person she was, and they did not disappoint with the reveal. She was every bit of the chef and person you expected her to be. Her crazy matched both of theirs, not to mention her methods of cooking as well that you see more of in Soma. They told such a heartfelt story that I was finally able to understand the reason why this was a topic only addressed now. Obviously it was fitting towards creating a contrast between Soma’s mother and Erina’s, but at the same time it was important towards understanding the kind of influence she had on her son who is way to stubborn to tremble at the kind of competition he is facing right now.

Another thrilling episode of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma if you ask me. “Surpassing Dad” went the distance to properly set the stakes for this match. By the end of this episode we better understood how important it is for Soma to come out of this match on top, and how important it is for everyone else that he does too.

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