Digimon Adventure “The Kings of Insects Clash” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Kings of Insects Clash”! This one right here was the episode I was waiting for. If you know me, then you know that Koshiro and Tentamon are two of my favorite characters in the franchise. And ever since this reboot kicked off, I have been satisfied with many of the changes they have made to this character in order to make him more of a valued part of this cast.

For this week’s episode, they wasted little time throwing Koshiro, Taichi, and Mimi into the next situation. They walked a bit, they had their laughs, and from there everything quickly descended into chaos. After the past couple episodes, it made sense that we would get around to that episode where the enemy simply comes to them to stir some trouble. The difference being that this time around, they came in force, and in great numbers. With this also being an episode more focused on Koshiro, they put much more effort into emphasizing what could go wrong when their most valuable asset isn’t working when they need it most. This was the first time that such importance has been placed on the laptop. Even if you knew where they were going with this, there was no denying the interest in seeing how they would handle things differently from the original run. If I remember correctly, Koshiro dealt with a Digimon who was feeding on his knowledge and motivation. This might not put Koshiro and Tentomon in the same existential crisis,but the end result was still the same for Koshiro to acknowledge his greatest strength.

I enjoyed the action from this episode, this was definitely the greatest challenge that any of these DigiDestined have had to face yet, and it showed. They faced so many Kuwagamon, and usually just one of these might be a handful on their own. What stood out to me off the bat was the way that the approach to the action has changed from the original series. Before, these would have been quick exchanges where the kid’s Digimon would take one big hit, and then they would revert back. I’m glad that they have now been allowed the room to stay in their Champion forms and see battles through to the bitter end. No matter how many hits they take, because they each took one hell of a beating from these Kuwagamon before they figured out the best way to fight back. Now out of the three, it was definitely Togemon who had some of the more memorable moments during the action. She took some licks, but had no problem dishing them out too, even in some comedic ways too.

As for the Okuwamon, because of course there had to be an ultimate Digimon to push Kabuterimon to evolve, this one was a big step up from Cannonbeemon last week. A towering stature, and could do so much damage just flexing it’s physical strength. Though with that said, this was of course going to lead to a final clash between Okuwamon and a newly transformed AtlurKabuterimon. This was an awesome battle because it was here that we could really appreciate some of the differences they have made to both Kabuterimon and AtlurKabuterimon. Much less reliance on single attacks, more in your face, and of course AtlurKabuterimon shocks you with a move never before seen. I thought it was perfect for an insect Digimon who digivolves to have such a huge horn on its head.

The best takeaway from this episode was seeing more of the changes they made to this series to fit a modern world. There was no one better than Koshiro to allow make an example of this as the kid who relies on technology most. For this episode in particular, Koshiro was facing more problems than he ever did before trying to make use of his laptop as his key resource. In this day and age, that is always a double-edged sword. It never hurts to have the most advanced thing in the palm of your hand, but there will always be a problem once a dependency takes form. For a kid as smart as Koshiro, you would think that he would be able to accomplish just as much using his own brainpower, and yet that has not been him so far in the story. Up to this point he has had his eyes glued to a screen, which is very representative of kids today.

All in all, Digimon Adventure “The Kings of Insects Clash” was a satisfying episode for anyone who is also a big fan of Koshiro and Tentamon. The changes to these characters have been favorable, and it did not hurt one bit using them as gateways to better set this story in a world you believe exists in 2020.

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